Volleyball drills for all skills

  • Player makes a pass to the other side;
  • one of the two back players has to pass the ball to the passer.
  • Passer catches the ball, but if the ball flies somewhere else, the passer must still try to catch it.
  • The one who did the reception,
    • becomes passer;
    • passer goes to save;
    • reserve player becomes reception player


  • 2 pairs:
    • jump rope
    • pass in front of back
    • kick back with one arm
    • abs with ball/shuffle
    • rope ladder
  • Passing with the ball under the arms.
  • Touch the ground before passing.
  • Four men on the back line.
  • The rest stands around the field to pick up balls.
  • One by one they enter the field and get a ball from the trainer.
  • They have to touch the ball otherwise they get another one.
  • When they are finished they come in at the back.
  • Start slowly and make it harder.
  • Walk from line to line.
  • Touch the line with your left hand and turn around to your left and vice versa.
  • Then walk forwards and backwards.
  • Then do not walk backwards, but sniff backwards.
  • Follow the leader, walk to the left or right, jump and dive.
  • With 2 feet in the ladder and keep going.
  • Sprint to the other side of the field.
  • Then run pass on the mat.
  • Walk backwards and pass.
  • Catch and throw to the other side of the net.
  • in 2 rows over the net.
  • You play the ball and join your own row.
  • When you're finished you go to the field next to it.
  • Here you have to play overhand into a basket.
  • Only if you succeeded you may return to the main field.
  • 4/5 players per group.
  • Right back passes to right front who passes to the other player.
  • This player catches the ball and closes the row.
  • Chasing the ball.
  • Player throws ball over the net.
  • Here someone is passing.
  • This person passes to the set up man, who sets up the ball along the net.
  • Catch and join the other throw-ins.