Volleyball drills for passing / defense / reception


Two teams. We play a game within 3 m. When you have touched the ball, you must run to the back line to tap the line.

Two teams. The teams must play the ball underhand over the net. Player 1 of each team stands in the field, when a player has played he/she has to run to the back line and only then the next player can stand in the field.

The players stand in three rows on the back line. The coach stands on the other side of the net. The first of the rows run to the net, touch it and then stand ready for the pass. The trainer throws the ball over the net and the ball must be played in three passes. The last one has to hit the ball over the net.

Field in half divided over the length

2 rows of players on the backline in each half

2 playmakers at the net in each half

Coach and ass serve from other side

Front players come in and pass ball to SV

Ball back to coach and ass.

  • two passers,
  • Row of servers,
    • after your serve, you run under it to catch the ball.
  • The catcher will pass,
  • passer goes to serve.
  • In every field
    • 1 passer,
    • 1 catcher,
    • 1 reserve and
    • 2 servers.
  • Serve, reserve, pass, catch and serve.
  • Chasing your ball.

These exercises are done in pairs.

  • Exercise 1:
    • Person 1 stands with a ball near the net, person 2 stands to the left of the pole. Person 1 throws the ball to the left or right. Person 2 walks around the pole every time. 10 times per person.
  • Exercise 2:
    • Person 1 stands with a ball at net net, person 2 starts at the 3-meter line. Person 1 hits the ball and person 2 has to run backwards and play the ball to person 1 again. 10x per person.
  • Exercise 3:
    • Person 1 stands on the 3-meter line with a ball. Person 2 is going to block at the net and then turn around to play the short ball of person 1. 10x per person.
  • 2 groups 1 ball :
  • 3 meter attack with defense
  • 1 serve, pass to SV
  • SV set-up at 3 meter on one of the passers
    • idem other side
  • rally
  • serve from the side where the ball hit the ground

pass-circuit-2Round 1: Normal passing to each other.

Round 2: Pass the ball short or deep in the back.