Volleyball drills for passing / defense / reception

  • Players stand on the back line facing away from the net.
  • Trainer stands on the other side of the net.
  • Trainer calls out a name and throws the ball into the field.
  • The called player must pass the ball and catch it for himself.
  • The player who is called has to pass the ball and catch it for himself.
  • On both sides of the net a row.
  • The one in front throws the ball over the net to the other row.
  • This one passes to the middle and this one gives a setup.
  • Catch the ball and join the back of the row.
  • If successful, play on or pass the ball.

Three people on the back line with their backs to the net. When the coach calls yes, they have to run and play the ball in threes.

  • first throw over the ball (throwing-movement)
  • just replay with 2 teams
  • Overhand and underhand: short ball oh and long ball oh (15 times each back and forth)
  • Variant: in the back 1 time in front of you (10 times each back and forth)
  • Variant: in front of the team, play forwards once (OH and then BH); player who runs to and fro always touches the ground before the ball is played (10 times each backwards and forwards)

3/4 against 3/4 play with obligatory 3x play. If on your pass it is not possible to play 3x you will be replaced

A good pass is indispensable to set up a counter attack. Therefore it cannot be trained enough. In this exercise, the emphasis is on the pass.

pass-exerciseOn one side, two players line up to pass. On this side there is also a playmaker. Both the passer and the defender remain standing. The servers rotate. They take turns serving the two passers. Server 4 begins at the net where the outside attack is normally performed.

Server 1 begins by serving. After the service he walks to the net to catch the service after him. His service is caught by one of the passers, the server gives a setup high outside and player four catches the setup. Player 4 then walks to the serving area and player 1 takes his place.

The exercise must be done in a quick tempo. When the server plays the ball, the next player should already start serving.

After 5 minutes, change passers and distributors.

If there are many players the field can be divided in two lengthwise.


Trainer plays the ball and the player passes back. Then walk backwards around a pawn and get the second ball from another trainer/player. Join the back of the row. Extend with distributor and pass over the net.

Three people in the field, with one catcher at the net. The ball is served, passed and caught over the net. The one who passed will catch and the catcher will serve.


Two teams. We play a game within 3 m. When you have touched the ball, you must run to the back line to tap the line.

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