Volleyball drill: short-long (attack defence position 1 & 5) in 3 teams

Suitable for the following techniques: defense, passing, general

Short-long (attack defence position 1 & 5) in 3 teams


See picture. Each team 2 balls. 2 players at the net a few meters apart, other player in the backfield.

  • Exercise 1: Players take turns throwing the ball, player in the backfield plays the ball back underhand.
  • Exercise 2: First ball comes deep, second ball comes short
  • Exercise 3: Throwers stand a little further apart and throw straight: player with ball on the sideline throws deep, other throws short.

After x-number of balls or after a certain time swap places.

Characteristics of the drill

Necessary materials:
Suitable for the following levels:
C jeugd
B jeugd
A jeugd