Volleyball drills for passing / defense / reception

  • All 1 ball and try to throw ball up and then test for yourself.
  • As often as you can
  • If the ball threatens to fall: catch it
  • 2 cabinets with pawns on them.
  • Stand at a distance
  • Players may throw the ball with the same throw off the pawn.
  • If you succeed you get a clip on your shirt / you have a point.
  • Player stands in the middle and has a bucket on his head
  • Trainer throws ball over the net
  • Player plays ball into the bucket via catching/throwing (OH) technique
  • get own ball
  • You lay down 1 mat less than the number of players.
  • You stand on the mat and try to throw the ball on the other mat.
  • If you succeed, that person is out and the other player can stand on the mat.
  • However, if you have hit a mat you must also change mats.
  • Doesn't matter which one.
  • So there is always 1 substitute but you are still in motion.
  • You are not finished if you catch the ball!
  • Then you can remain standing.
  • If you defend the ball with one hand, you are also out and you have to change back to a reserve player.
  • Trainer throws the ball to
  • Player catches the ball OH with hands and arms extended and
  • then throws directly over the net onto the mat.
    • Flowing movement.
  • Ball must be caught with hands and not pressed against body.


  • bra now


  • Trainer now throws alternately BH or OH

Trainer throws ball and player catches ball with arms extended.

Idem, but now catch above the head

  • 2 teams with a net in between and 1 ball.
  • Throw the ball with
    • arms stretched out in front of the body
    • and 1 foot in front
    • to the other side

The same,

  • but now bounce the ball above the nose
  • Trainer throws ball over the net and player catches ball with arms extended.
  • Same, but now catch ball above the head.
  • Same, only now trainer throws high or low over the net so that the player has to figure out how to catch it.
  • When the player has caught the ball he rolls it under the net to the trainer.

In a big group the player has to put the ball in the box of the trainer.

  • All 1 ball and underhand
  • How many times can you do this?
  • Get under the ball well
  • Counts for the Club of 100