Volleyball drills for serving

  • One row of players on each side of the net
  • Serve straight to the mat.
  • Touching is 1 point!
  • Follow your ball and then join the other side in the row.
  • Concentration (bouncing the ball 2x and actually doing it)
Two teams. One team is going to serve and one team is going to stand randomly in the field opposite. Serving alternately. If you serve on a player, he must leave the field. Who has hit the most players within a certain time? If both teams serve for example 2 minutes.
Two teams with one ball and a net in between. Serve each other calmly. The other stands in the field and tests the ball for himself and catches it.
Two teams 1 ball with a net in between. You start 2 meters from the net and serve to each other. The other person keys and catches the ball for himself. Accent is serving. If the other player can key, the server can take a step back, if not, step forward.
Place the bags diagonally in the field. Player starts with the closest kernel to the net. 4x good serve is to the next. Finally you stand at the back line. Pay attention to all accents. Tight hand, stretched arm, right leg forward, body forward.
  • Teams of 2, 1 ball at the wall.
  • You serve at about 2 meters distance from the wall and the person behind you catches the ball.
  • Also pay attention to accents: arm outstretched, body forward, right leg in front of the ball.
  • This exercise is done in pairs. Look for someone with the same level of serving.
  • Both on 1 side of the net, starting at the 3m line.
  • Hit the ball overarm to your buddy. If you succeed, take a step back.
  • Other side does the same
  • Hit another ball overarm to your body. If again you succeed at this distance, take another step back.
  • Keep continuing.
  • three defenders in the field
  • One person who catches
  • rest: serving
  • serve quickly after each other 
  • every person in the field has to bring 10 perfect receptions to the catcher
  • catcher decides whether reception is good
  • when a defender has done 10 perfect receptions, he becomes catcher, and the catcher is going to serve 

You have to score!


  • For this exercise, the field is divided in two lengthwise 
  • Four persons on one side, four on the other side.
  • 3 and 4 (1) serve. 
  • Player 2 passes the ball (2), 
  • player 1 gives a set up (3) and  
  • player 2 smashed the ball straight (4) so not diagonally.
  • If 1 and 2 score together, they change spots, so 2 will be playmaker, and player 1 is going to pass and attack.
  • if 1 and 3 DO NOT score, the attacker is going to serve, the playmaker is going to attack, and the server is going to be playmaker. The attacker is 'punished' because he did not score.

What is scoring here? Make clear agreements, for example a ball hit along the line.