Volleyball drills for system

  • The goal is to play the ball in threes. This requires the commitment of every player.
  • So line up three players.
  • They solve a thrown ball (by the trainer), by playing in threes.
  • The first ball is passed to the upper-position.
  • The 2nd player, who has the job of upper-player, runs to the upper-place.
  • The 3rd player then prepares for the attack.
  • At first keep the ball on one side of the net, by not actually hitting the 3rd ball, but catching it.
  • Then 3 other players move in to do the same.
  • On the other side of the net, the same is practiced with the other half of the team.
  • After a while, when the ball is regularly played in threes, the ball is actually played to the other side.
  • The team on the other side then plays the ball back in threes.
  • And so on; play over as long as possible.
  • No scoring, it's about playing in threes.
  • 5-1 system on both sides.
  • Team 1 serves, plays out rally.
  • Loser gets a rally ball.
  • Other team gets a rally ball.
  • Minimum of 2/3 points scored is turn over.
  • Service changes every time.
  • 1 player at the net on position 2/3
  • 3 players in the backfield.
  • The player at the net puts the defense to work and has the freedom to touch each ball at least once up to a maximum of three times.
  • The defense makes sure that the ball reaches the player at the net in 1 or 2 times.
  • 6-team plays a game against 4/5 team:
    • Team 6 takes care of rotation with SV.
    • Opponent 4/5 defends and attacks.
  • Main point:
    • The pass must be good.
  • Two teams on both sides.
  • After every well played ball, turn in three.
  • Pass obliquely if you don't have a complete team.

Side a: formationSide
b: someone position 6 - position 5 and position 1

: Side a gets every ball against and tries to score from this situation

  • First ball: serve side b
  • Second ball: freeball coming from side b (side b builds up and tries to pass "difficult" freeball)
  • Third ball: attack position 6
  • Third ball: attack position 1

  • Side a is not allowed to place the ball in the 3m line at side b, everything behind the 3.
  • But side b is allowed to attack in the 3m line.
  • Let's see how easy it goes.

  • 4 players in game formation
    • 3 next to each other, passer slightly behind ready to run in
  • Girls on the other side pass in quick succession, little time in between.
  • Then with a serve.
  • Make sure they call.
  • 10 balls back over is a pass.

Purpose of the exercise:
Improve out of system situations and communication

  • 3 players gather around the trainer and pass the ball.
  • Trainer holds the ball in front of him.
  • When all players have put their hands on the ball, the trainer throws the ball somewhere in the backfield.
  • Through communication and especially listening, it must be clear who plays the first, second and third ball.
  • What do you do as a striker in a difficult out of system situation, what do you want your strikers to do?
  • Is there a lot of risk in finishing or do you want to see controlled balls hit in various positions?
  • Go ahead and play as a trainer.
  • Very good exercises to repeat out of system situations.
  • Point of attention: walking towards the net.
  • The tall players towards the net, the smaller ones can move backwards.
  • Pay attention to the connection of the back players.
    1. 6-team is in line-up.
      • Trainer receives ball from other field,
      • Trainer divides left and right,
      • ball is caught.
      • Point of attention,
        • Joining SV to block, and backfield positions.
    2. Player position 4 starts the game by throwing in from the side.
      • 4-team builds up an attack.
      • Six has to react on the attack.
      • When the attack/rally is over, the trainer plays a freeball and the point is played out again.