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Volleyball drills for

Setter should come out at pos. 2.5

  • Pay attention to the positions of the other players:
    • If setter is at 2, no problem. 4 goes to back, along with 5,6 and 1 defend.
    • If setter is at 3, rotation with 2. 4 goes to back, along with 5,6 and 1 defend.
    • If setter is on 4. position 2 goes to defend along with 1,6 and 5 and then attack on 3. 
    • Position goes attack on 4.
  • 3 passers and "Sv" on 2 and reserve on 1
  • 3 defenders and 1 sv/block on 2

  • Ball is served. First trainer, then players.
  • Pass by 1, 5 or 6 to p2/3.
  • "Sv" gives a setup to p4
  • Player on p5 runs a "C" and attacks the ball.
  • Possible rally play
  • "Sv" goes to get ball and then serve

  • Field A:
    • Reserve=>1=>6=>5=>2=>field B
  • Field B:
    • Reserve =>5=>2=>1=>6=>serve=>field A


drawing Service pass


  • A serves B
  • B plays to C
  • C sets up and B plays over net
  • Walk after your own ball

  • The base team of six gets successively from the small team a serve, an attack -trainer plays rally ball the small team- and a free ball.
  • The trainer plays rally ball on the small team and they play the ball back in one go.
The base team gets 3 attempts to score 3 balls in a row.
  • If this succeeds, they rotate one spot.
  • If this fails, the players from the small team switch with players from the base team.
The goal is to complete all rotations in the time the exercise is run.
  • 5-minute jog.
  • Throw ball in from defensive end to passer and pass.
  • Passer passes to defense.
  • Attacker becomes passer.
  • Player defending stays standing.
drawing Warming
  • There is a team lineup. On the other side are the remaining players.
  • There is serving by the remaining players and a side-out is played with a tactical attack. Prick center or attack in corners; there are no defenders at that time.
  • This ball is followed by a rally ball from the trainer and must be scored "hard" and the rally must be won from the remaining players.
  • The 1st ball counts for 1 point, the 2nd ball counts as 2 points. For both sides. Which side wins?
The players receive a rally ball from the trainer. The players will receive an assignment from the trainer beforehand.
The assignments are as follows:

  1. Hard attack from positions 2 and 4.
  2. Jab ball from position 2 and 4.
  3. 1st tempo attack to the middle.
  4. Long ball into the corners from position 2 and 4.
  5. Ball to free net defender from position 2 and 4.
  6. Place ball on playmaker.
Each task is performed twice, once with the playmaker behind and once with the playmaker in front. Assignment 6 only with the playmaker behind.
  • Making trios
  • Field A. 2 trios in home position
  • Field B. 1 trio in pass position and trainer with ball carrier

  • Trainer throws the ball at 2 for a setup
  • At the moment of setup, the team on field A goes
  • To the starting position and defend the attack
  • After 5 attacks, the trios switch:
  • 1-6-5 to 2-3-4
  • 2-3-4 become attackers
  • Attackers become 1-5-6
  • Trainer stands on a cabinet section at position 2 or 4.
  • Trainer throws up a ball and hits/pins a ball into the court where there is a team lineup.
  • Goal is to defend these balls and take over the rally.
  • We play sets to the 15, where scoring directly from the defense scores 2 points and scoring the ball in the rally -through an opponent's mistake or otherwise- scores 1 point.
  • On the opposite side is a trio. These three players defend and attack from behind 3 meters.
  • Trainer/player and ball pit on field B p4.
  • Block field B on P2/ P3 and defend p5.
  • 2 players on field A on P2/ P3 block.
  • Defending field B on P4 and P5.
  • Trainer/player hits ball to P4/ P5.
  • Block and turn immediately after the action.
  • Defend ball, setup and attack on P4.
  • Block-defend-catch.
Attack p4-block p2-block p3-reserve
block p2-block- p3-reserve p5-defend p5
  • Trainer hits a ball into the field at mid back where a passer is standing,
  • He passes it to 2/3 .
  • SV comes running in from right back and gives a set on outside or back.
  • They attack the other team.
  • If they can continue to play, the rally continues.
  • When a point is made you start hitting the ball into the field at the other team.
  • Who is the first to the 3 points
  • Then you rotate 3 spots
    • Why? Because otherwise you have to jump and attack 2 times in a row as left forward and then 2 times in a row in the backfield. Afterwards you have variation.
drawing practice system right back
2 groups:

Group 1 is going to serve and pass, on a long half of the court.
Group 2 is going to smash.

  • Fixed setter.
  • Attacker stands facing the net.
  • At the signal of the trainer, the player plays a block, and the ball comes from the trainer towards the setter. After the feint block, the attacker goes backwards for an attack.
  • This can be a 1st tempo ball short, normal for a middle or a 2nd tempo ball for a runner, outside.
  • Just vary in this, and have attacker do both variations.

  • Block on 2. (basket) Mid front (Setter) and 2.
  • Agree who does the block coverage. My preferred position 1. The person closest to it, of course 6, 5 and 4 must defend field.
After 5 balls rotation. Variation a 2nd and/or 3rd ball can follow.

If there is still time, block on middle, and/or block on 4. Note: block coverage.

4 v 3 or 4 v 4.
Full set, doesn't have to be a regular setter. Trainer starts the rally.