Volleyball drills for system

  • Playing a game in a 4-2 system.
  • Attaching red, yellow and green ribbon to the net.
  • Go through all positions in service and reception.
  • Make sure that the playmaker (S), outplayer (B) and medium attacker (M) are always positioned diagonally opposite each other.
  • The order of lining up anti-clockwise is S, B, M.

  • The attack takes place on the position [2] at the net and [1] and [6] over the 3-meter.
  • The libero always comes from position [5] to take over the Sv. (for instance because the playmaker in the rally took care of the pass) and to take care of the set-up.
  • The 'pass' is introduced by the trainer at the height of the 3-meter at position [5].
  • If the libero stays outside the 3-meter he may provide the set-up overhand, otherwise only underhand.
  • T strikes ball to libero, 2 attackers start at the net.
  • Pass, set-up and attack on position 3 or 4.
  • Blocking:
    • Outside, inside hand on ball, center joins in.
    • Centre blocks with emphasis on shielding position 1/2.
    • Then service (float) to position 1.
  • Variant:
    • Attack on positions 2 and 3 and service to position 5.
  • 6-3 (or ideally 6-6)
  • Build up calmly.
  • If necessary, 2 attempts.
  • Stroke not correct, trainer plays a ball.
  • Play out the rally. (If there are too few players, you cannot play on that position).
  • The side where the ball falls receives an attack from the trainer.
  • Then the trainer throws a freeball to the other side.
  • Freeball MUST be played to position 1.
  • Series of 3 balls.
  • 2/3 scored?
  • Team gets a point.
  • Up to 10.
  • From standing position move backwards and roll to center of field.
  • Starting position defense - outside foot in front, on the line.
  • Move to 7M and then roll to center of field.
  • A few times without the ball, then with the ball.
  • Throwing/playing the ball and then chasing it
  • Practice setup underhand because of emergency balls or ill fitting balls.
  • The trainer throws the balls to player 2 who plays the ball underhand to the right front.
  • Player 1 walks to this position and gives an underhand setup on the outside where player 2 attacks.
  • After this action player 1 goes to position of player 2 and player 3 comes to position of player 1. etc.
  • The attackers get the balls themselves and put them back in the ballcar.
  • When the pass is going well you can increase the pace so that the exercise continues and people do not have to wait too long.

  • Ball is played in at the 6m line.
  • Defend ball to passer who chooses where to play !
    • pos 4 or pos 3
  • 1 blocker leaving on center pos. who tries to block
    • pos 4 or pos 3
  • Play 20 times, then switch

  • Cover by passer + possibly defender on pos 5
  • After handing in the ball, defend according to the blocker's signal.
  • Hoops (goals) in front:
    • Street, slide far & slide short (net)

  • Trainer hits a ball into the field at mid back where a passer is standing,
  • He passes it to 2/3 .
  • SV comes running in from right back and gives a set on outside or back.
  • They attack the other team.
  • If they can continue to play, the rally continues.
  • When a point is made you start hitting the ball into the field at the other team.
  • Who is the first to the 3 points
  • Then you rotate 3 spots
    • Why? Because otherwise you have to jump and attack 2 times in a row as left forward and then 2 times in a row in the backfield. Afterwards you have variation.
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