Volleyball drills for


  • Trainer stands on a cabinet section at position 2 or 4.
  • Trainer throws up a ball and hits/pins a ball into the court where there is a team lineup.
  • Goal is to defend these balls and take over the rally.
  • We play sets to the 15, where scoring directly from the defense scores 2 points and scoring the ball in the rally -through an opponent's mistake or otherwise- scores 1 point.
  • On the opposite side is a trio. These three players defend and attack from behind 3 meters.
  • Trainer/player and ball pit on field B p4.
  • Block field B on P2/ P3 and defend p5.
  • 2 players on field A on P2/ P3 block.
  • Defending field B on P4 and P5.
  • Trainer/player hits ball to P4/ P5.
  • Block and turn immediately after the action.
  • Defend ball, setup and attack on P4.
  • Block-defend-catch.
Attack p4-block p2-block p3-reserve
block p2-block- p3-reserve p5-defend p5


  • Trainer hits a ball into the field at mid back where a passer is standing,
  • He passes it to 2/3 .
  • SV comes running in from right back and gives a set on outside or back.
  • They attack the other team.
  • If they can continue to play, the rally continues.
  • When a point is made you start hitting the ball into the field at the other team.
  • Who is the first to the 3 points
  • Then you rotate 3 spots
    • Why? Because otherwise you have to jump and attack 2 times in a row as left forward and then 2 times in a row in the backfield. Afterwards you have variation.
2 groups:

Group 1 is going to serve and pass, on a long half of the court.
Group 2 is going to smash.

  • Fixed setter.
  • Attacker stands facing the net.
  • At the signal of the trainer, the player plays a block, and the ball comes from the trainer towards the setter. After the feint block, the attacker goes backwards for an attack.
  • This can be a 1st tempo ball short, normal for a middle or a 2nd tempo ball for a runner, outside.
  • Just vary in this, and have attacker do both variations.

  • Block on 2. (basket) Mid front (Setter) and 2.
  • Agree who does the block coverage. My preferred position 1. The person closest to it, of course 6, 5 and 4 must defend field.
After 5 balls rotation. Variation a 2nd and/or 3rd ball can follow.

If there is still time, block on middle, and/or block on 4. Note: block coverage.

4 v 3 or 4 v 4.
Full set, doesn't have to be a regular setter. Trainer starts the rally.
On the 'team-side' there are 5 players: Sv., center, libero, passer/runner and diagonal.  
On the other side there are two trios. One trio is going to block and one trio is going to serve and defend. 

The service pass is provided by the libero and passer/runner. Sv. comes from position 1 and has a choice of three attackers; pos. 2, 3 and 4. 
After the service follows a rally ball, in which the Sv. remains standing. 
Then again, but now the Sv. starts as a front player, making the choice pos. 1, 3 and 4. 
If the diagonal is a front player, all blockers stand 1 to 1. If the diagonal is behind, then supportive blocking is done on pos. 3. 
This also requires the defense to be adjusted. After 4 balls, the trios change front and back. 
After some time other players on the other side.

Party form, where the teams take turns serving, regardless of who scores the point. 
However, the team that scores on the serve receives a rally ball. 
As long as this team scores the rally ball, they continue to receive rally balls and the opposing team must defend. 
So in theory, the set could be over with 24 rally balls in a row.


3 players on 1 side and the rest 'team setup' on the other side.

  • TR plays ball in at 3-count, defend and attack.
  • Team defends rally ball and plays out the rally further.
  • Once the ball is safely on the ground, TR immediately brings in another ball to 3-tal.
  • And so on.
Two players are setter who alternate under the net:

  • Trainer throws the ball on from position 5/6.
  • Player plays ball 1, overhand to forward position 4
  • Player comes from position 5 and completes the attack.
  • SV plays ball 2, BH to the back position 2.
  • Player comes from position 1 and finishes the attack.

    Player at position 1 and 5 before the attack, change position each time after the attack.
    Group changes from ball retrieval to attack.
  • Trainer throws the ball on from over the net.
  • Passer at position 5 gives a pass to SV
  • The continuation is the same as the previous exercise:
    • Playmaker plays ball 1, overhand to forward position 4
    • Player comes from position 5 and completes the attack.
    • SV plays ball 2, BH to the back position 2.
    • Player comes from position 1 and finishes the attack.
Explanation with change to position 6. fixed center in the backfield.
  • From the service.
  • From receive.
    So change setter and change solid middle backfield.
Play some rallies: from service, and from receive.
Note: lunar formation.

Possibly explain ABC or agree on signs.

Match 4 against 4.


  • Trainer with reserve player and ball pit on field B p4
  • Block at field B on p2/p3 and defend p5
  • 2 players in field A at p2/p3 (block)
  • Defending field B at p4 and p5

  • Trainer hits ball to p4/p5
  • Block and turn immediately open
  • Defended ball attacks on p4
  • Block-defend-catch

  • Attack p4-block p2-block p3-reserve
  • Block p2-block- p3-reserve p5-defend p5


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