Volleyball drills for system

  • One complete tem in the field. In game position.
  • Let the team serve.
  • Trainer catches the ball. As soon as he catches the ball, everyone else stands.
  • Look at the position of the players, and adjust if necessary.
  • As the trainer, mimic an attack, and at each position look at where the players are standing and correct.
  • Then do this with the team's attack.
  • Rotate one position, and possibly players in.
  • Repeat this until all players have been in all positions.
  • 4 against 4 on a field up to 7 meters
  • Smart play,
  • spiked balls
  • 1 player at the net, 2 player at right back, ready for pass,
  • 3 playmaker on the right back. (Attention backwards/equal backwards)
  • 1 throws the ball with high arc.
  • 2 passes the ball to the front court,
  • 3 runs in and catches the ball. (can do 1 turn, can also do 5 turns).
  • now expanding to include setup at center where
    • 1 is mid,
    • and after throwing the ball goes to the back.
    • As soon as 3 sets up, catch the ball.
  • If necessary expand with hitting.

game of 4 against 4 up to the 7 metre line

  • 1 mid back
  • 1 left back
  • 1 right back
  • When RA passes, LA comes in for setup
  • When LA passes, RA comes running in for setup
  • When MA passes, RIGHT MIGHT ALWAYS run in
  • MA always runs to the "empty" position to become 2nd attacker


  • trainer (1) throws ball to SV (2)
  • SV:
    • gives bra setup OR
    • throws BH catching move
  • Player (3) smashes or plays ball to (4) or (5) to win!
  • (4) or (5) pass Mids (possibly hang ribbon in net)
    • 6 or 7 comes running in
    • 4 or 5 turns with the ball
  • when ball is over the net, quickly return to position
  • The one who has attacked the ball well 5 times, exchanges with someone in the defense
  • 4 players in 'bowl' formation
  • Coach throws ball to back player
  • LA passes => RV comes into play => RA moves to RV to attack backward setup
  • RA passes => LV comes into play => LA moves to LV to attack backward setup
  • when ball is over the net one turns back to the bowl

Team is lined up. Coach throws random balls into the field. Players have to determine who the ball is for. Attention on calling loose/me.

If 10 players: 5 against 5. Trainer throws in ball when ball is not played well. If less than 10 players: 6 against ...

After a few points turn around. After 5 minutes, change 2 players.

  • put players in a bowl
  • 2 teams against each other
  • 1 team serves 3x well (OH)
  • other team receives pass and follows system as RA or RV passes:
    • pass to MV (possibly hang ribbon in net)
    • LV outfield player runs to MV
    • LA runs to LV
    • SV:
      • gives setup forward on RV OR backward on LV
      • OR BH catching move
    • as soon as the ball is over the net, LV and LA turn back to their original position