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Referral code

As soon as you have a One or a Club subscription with Yoursportplanner you will receive a personal code. With this personal code you can earn months for free.

How does it work?

  1. Share your personal code.
  2. When someone else subscribes with your code, you both get a free month.
  3. The free month is automatically 'pasted' behind your current subscription. Your subscription period is therefore automatically extended by one month.
  4. The other trainer or club immediately receives one free month with his / her new subscription.
  5. Your code can be used by several people. So you can earn more than one free months. (But another trainer or club can only use your code once.)

You will find your personal code with your subscriptions.
Any other trainer or club can use the code when ordering a subscription so you both get a free month.
You can of course also use codes from others to your account and use it later to earn free months.