basketball drill:
"ball handling/ agility (circle)"

Suitable for the following techniques: warming-up , dribbling

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ball handling/ agility (circle)

everyone a ball, set up in large circle. 

Trainer shows exercise, players perform the exercise afterwards:

  • Spread, roll the ball in an 8-shape between the legs (then dribble)
  • Turn the ball around your waist, head legs (change direction)
  • Dribble with left, right, change hands
  • Make the whole group dribble evenly (rhythm-exercise, all in time!)
  • Dribble between your legs
  • Dribble behind your back
  • Make a shot movement up (extend arm, reposition, catch)
  • Spreading position (move the ball in 8-shape without touching the ground)
  • 2 balls (at the same time, alternately)
  • Reverse left/right (first forward, then backward)
  • Between your legs (walk forward, 1x between your legs)