Basketball drills for dribbling

  • The teacher selects 2 taggers.
  • They have to stay within their box (within the 4 pilons) and tap the basketballs away from the runners if they want to cross.
  • So the runners have to dribble to the other side without losing their basketball.
  • If a runner doesn't have the basketball with him, he is finished and automatically becomes a tagger.
  • A tip you can give to the runners is that they shield the ball with their body.
  • This means keeping your body between the ball and the opponent.
  • The runners are not allowed to cross again until everyone has tapped or reached the other side.
  • In the end, as the game progresses, you get more and more taps and fewer runners.
  • The last remaining runner is the winner.

  • A runs in and (runs or around his/her axis and passes the ball to B or gives a sliding flat to B).
  • B takes the ball open and gives a weighted push (a push that stops rolling) in the course of player C
  • C takes the ball and accelerates to the pilons line without stopping or slowing it down (hip just in front of the left foot is the easiest way to do this) C the ball in the course of Player D 
  • Player D runs through the ball and takes the ball strongly. He runs through one gives a backhand pass (FINGERS SPREAD) to E 
  • Player E takes the ball at once and gives a bouncing ball in the course of F that takes and scores!
  • Differentiation:
    • Player A must give a slide on B (let the ball slide off your stick)
    • Persist: you are chasing your ball
  • Starting at the rear line
    • Here you dribble between the cones
    • Keep the ball low
    • Speed is not so important
    • Do control the ball
  • At the center line make a cros over to the wing
  • Then make a jump shot

  • Pass the 1st part through the legs without dribbling
  • 2nd part with dribbling, stay low and then shoot away for the lay-up
  • Goal: stay low (this way you can move quickly past your defender)
  • 3 laps

Everyone has a basketball and 1 tennis ball:

  • Dribble with the tennis ball (do not use basketball)
  • Dribble -> toss the tennis ball and catch it
  • Dribble -> drop tennis ball -> take back the tennis ball above your hand in a quick movement.
  • Dribble -> throw tennis ball up briefly -> take back the tennis ball with your upper hand in a fast movement.
  • Dribble -> drop tennis ball -> crossover dribble -> take back tennis ball above hand in a fast movement
  • Dribble -> throw up tennis ball -> crossover dribble -> catch tennis ball before it falls to the ground
  • Dribble -> throw up tennis ball against the wall -> catch tennis ball again

everyone a ball, set up in large circle. 

Trainer shows exercise, players perform the exercise afterwards:

  • Spread, roll the ball in an 8-shape between the legs (then dribble)
  • Turn the ball around your waist, head legs (change direction)
  • Dribble with left, right, change hands
  • Make the whole group dribble evenly (rhythm-exercise, all in time!)
  • Dribble between your legs
  • Dribble behind your back
  • Make a shot movement up (extend arm, reposition, catch)
  • Spreading position (move the ball in 8-shape without touching the ground)
  • 2 balls (at the same time, alternately)
  • Reverse left/right (first forward, then backward)
  • Between your legs (walk forward, 1x between your legs)
  • The 1st player dribbles through the cones to the baseline. 
  • Put the ball down on the baseline and do 4 step slide between baseline and midline.
  • Takes the ball back and dribbles to the cones and changes direction and scores lay up, 
  • After the rebound, print 5 times, 
  • Starting 2 player on baseline
  • Spurts to the cone and do step slide to next cone
  • The first player to take the ball does speed dribble to the other side to score. 
  • The other player becomes defender

2 rows, 1 ball per team

  • Player scores, rebound own ball, and passes to next player in line
  • Player who has scored runs to the other baseline to pick up a pilon and brings it back to the group
  • Group with the most pilons at the end wins