Basketball drills for dribbling


Team often stands waiting with the whole team to take ball.

  • 1 player starts with the ball on the back line. Other players without ball.
  • On starting signal, player 1 starts dribbling the ball to the center line
  • The other players sprint to the center line.
  • Whoever is slower than player 1 sprints 1x up and down the field.
Variant: this exercise can also be done with a rebound. Trainer rebounds ball and plays ball to player 1. Rest starts from the back line.
  • Each player has a ball
  • The group is divided into 2 groups each at a ring
  • The first player of the group attacks the first cone, where he does a change of direction (variation).
  • Thus to the next cone where he repeats this until he reaches the ring on the other side, where he finishes according to the indicated variation.
Direction change variations
  • Cross over
  • Between legs
  • Behind the bag
  • Hesitation
  • Studder
shot variations
  • Lay-up
  • Reverse lay-up
  • Eurostep
  • Jump stop shot
  • Floater
  • Jump stop cross step



  •  Pass behind the back (pass at the same time)
  •  Players facing each other (throw ball up), other player passes, pass back and off own ball)
  •  Same exercise but now with clap (clap hands)
  •  Pass exercises opposite each other (1 bounce, other chest)
  •  Pass exercise (get out and pass with one hand, opposite)
Everyone a ball and spread over the length of the field

  • Dribble back and forth (jump stop, pivot across, or keep on dribbling)
  • Warmingup: start slow, 50, 70, 100%

  • Dribble left back, right back
  • 2x left, 2x right
  • Roll the ball on the ground (make 8)
  • Ball fixed and jump with 2 legs
  • The Crab
  • Between the legs (high and low)
  • Tapping lines on the way

  • On the way 5x push-ups, 10 abdominal crunches, 30 secs taps
  • Low dribble (fast left/right),
  • High dribble with hop, backwards.
  • Behind the back, turn on axis,

  • Standing still: through the legs (step out, dribble, step back), 8-step low dribble, behind your back,

  • Stand with the whole group in a circle in the middle of the field (doesn't matter much where in the field, but this is easiest)
  • Make sure each player has 1 ball.
  • Dribble normal (hip height)
  • Dribble low (below knee)
  • Dribble extremely low (bounce no higher than ankle height)
  • Dribble low (below knee)
  • Dribble normal (hip height)
  • Dribble extremely high (above shoulder)
  • Dribble normal (hip height)
  • Have the players dribble
  • Now have the players dribble standing up
  • Have the players now dribbling sitting down again
  • Players now dribble between their legs
  • Have them stand again, and make 8s between their legs, then ball around waist as fast as possible, then the other way.
  1. Each part can be done with both hands
  2. The coach acts as an example.
2 rows at the centre line at each basktet (small field)
2 balls per row

  • Front players run layup and pass to first play without ball from other row.
  • Variant (with 1 or 2 balls)
    • After layup, a break-pass all over the field.
    • Receiving player starts when matching player catches his own ball.
    • With 2 balls always start simultaneously!


  • Each player has a ball.
  • You place the 5 cones as shown on the drawing.
  • At each cone they make a change of direction.
    • Outside, between the first 2 cones. Here, they continue their change of direction all the time.
  • After the cones, there is the possibility to take a shot/ lay-up.
Note: make sure there are clear changes in direction, acceleration after each change/aggression.

2 rows, 1 ball per row.
Outside on the small field:

  • Start on back line and make layup (1 chance), pass to next in line
  • Do a pushup when you miss
  • Game to the 10


  • Make 2 teams of 5 people per team.
  • Play a game and keep in mind the exercises played today.
  • Possibly bring in substitutions every 30 seconds.


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