Hockey drill: build up own half

Suitable for the following techniques: passing, hitting

Build up own half

  • Orange 1 passes to Blue 2.
  • Blue 2, 3, 4 try to score in the 2 little goals on the back line.
  • Orange 1 tries to get in possession of the ball by defending on its strong side (fh). If he succeeds, he can score in the goal on the middle line (1½ meter wide).
  • The exercise is started again when:
  • Blue scores in 1 of the 2 goals on the back line at Orange.
  • Orange 1 scores in the conversion in the goal of Blue.
  • The ball goes over the back line.

Tips Ball possession

  • Threaten with the ball and speed towards the goal.
  • Look at each other as attackers when offering the ball.
  • Help the ball carrier by running away from the ball.

Tips on no ball possession

  • Guide with stick on the ground, forehand at ball height.
  • Stay out of the ball carrier's physical space.
  • Keep the ball on your forehand side. or v2 to create a 1:2 situation (double).

Passing tips

  • At loss of possession: Pressure the ball immediately, cut off the shortest path to the goal.


  • When gaining the ball: Keep the ball in quick action/goal attempt towards the goal.

Make it more difficult

  • Use 1 goal instead of 2.
  • Vary the tackling.

Characteristics of the drill

Necessary materials:
Suitable for the following levels:



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