Hockey drills for hitting


Exercise 1:
  • A stands in the middle of the circle and gets start 4 balls to round off on goal.
  • Ball 1: B passes the ball to A, A takes it and rounds off with the forehand stroke.
  • Ball 2: A immediately turns around and receives the ball from C exactly along the pawns so that A can elevator the ball over the pawns and then rounds with the backhand on goal.
  • Ball 3: A turns back immediately and receives a hard ball from D which she elevators over the pawns by placing her stick in front of the pawns and finishes with the forehand strike on goal.
  • Ball 4: Turns right back and receives a hard ball from E which she takes closed and then turns away to her backhand and finishes with the backhand on goal.
Exercise 2:
Play possession with communication as the focus.
  • Give 1 player on each team the lead to direct possession of the ball.
  • The players listen to the instructions of these players.
  • A starts with the ball and pushes the ball to B.
  • B takes open tackle and hits the ball to C.
  • C takes the ball on gives a scoop to D.
  • D gives a flat to E and plays a 2:1 with F together and wants to score on the big goal.
  • Defender wants to take the ball away and score in the small goal on the side.


Exercise 1

  • A begins by slaloming at pace. Looks through the pawns to the end which way the trainer sticks out his stick and accelerates in that direction.
  • If you are going to round left with backhand on goal.
  • If you are going to round off on the right with forehand on goal.
Exercise 2

  • Improve the scoop.
  • A starts with the ball and passes the ball to B.
  • B takes the ball and passes right back to A.
  • C runs wide and gets a hard ball from A.
  • B runs up towards the circle and gets the ball back from C who cannot move forward due to the defender standing there.
  • B takes the ball and accelerates towards the circle and hits the goal.

A drives into the circle with the ball on the stick.
Lines up the ball and rounds on goal.

Meanwhile, B has started pushing the ball on the pawn with the ball on the stick.
B makes eye contact with A and gives a 90 degree pass to A' s forehand preferably with a push.

A takes the ball and lines it up to the goal.

B , after hitting A's second ball, runs towards C. C gives a hard flat towards the circle. Just like he wants to score.
B, with a tip-in, causes the ball to change direction and go into the goal.
Walk through the ball, let your stick point in the direction you want the ball to go.

You rotate from A to B from B to C and from C to A.

Points of attention

  • A should make a hard directed push into the forehand of B.
  • B comes offering and runs through the ball. stick to the ground moving forward.
    Takes the ball in the run and accelerates with the forehand past the pawns.
    Keeping the ball on the stick so NO tapping.
    Enters the circle, lines up the ball and hits goal.
    Hands together, left foot in front towards the goal, slightly sinking through the knees, finish your stroke.

  • On the other side is the same thing only there you have to step around the ball when driving past the pawns to keep it on your forehand.
  • Swap on the same side so A to B's spot and vice versa.
  • When all balls are gone, switch sides and do the exercise on the other side.


  • A starts with the ball a gives a aimed flat to B,
  • B goes through the pawns with a vision dribble
  • A runs deep and gets a hard directed flat from B in depth
  • B accelerates around the pawns and gives a 90 degree pass to A
  • A runs towards the circle and runs along at the height of B so that she can receive a 90 degree pass
  • She takes the ball, lines it up and finishes with a strike on goal
Three different actions that we are going to refine and further train

  • Exercise at A:
    • Two elevator actions with at the last one an acceleration towards the circle (practice also with backhand elevator)
  • Exercise at B:
    • Forehand turn they step in to the left and from there turn in the other direction and accelerate towards the circle
  • Exercise at 3:
    • Entry exercise to the left and accelerate and pass the other side.
    • They walk in the direction of the finger and step in with their left foot and let the ball go in that direction as well and retrieve the ball and accelerate in the other direction and pull this acceleration through to the circle and then round off



  • Preparation to practice with the tip-in. Further practice with the hard and pure pass to each other.
  • A push the ball to B on the forehand pay attention to the technique (hands apart, left foot in front, get power from your whole body, move your arms in the direction you are going)
  • B push the ball back to A,
  • A push to C
  • C back to A,
  • A push to D and D back to A.
  • When B has played the ball back to A he turns and goes around the pawn and offers himself to the head circle to receive the ball.
  • A takes the ball from D and gives a hard aimed flats towards E.
  • E makes eye contact with the incoming B and gives a directed pass (may be push or flats)
  • B takes the ball open, lines it up and completes with a strike on goal.
  • After shooting, he accelerates around the pawns to run a tip-in ball.
  • F makes eye contact with B and gives a hard aimed flat just as if he is going to score.
  • B causes the ball to change direction.



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