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Place 15 to 20 pilons over a distance of about 40 metres from the back line towards the middle line, in a straight line. The spacing between them at the basic form should be 2 meters.

Make 2 rows of players that are positioned behind the back line. The players do their exercise on both sides of the pilons at the same time towards the end of the series of pilons. There they turn and dribble with a wide curve back to the beginning. When the first two are at the fourth pilon, the next two can start.

Put players with an equal physical capacity next to each other. You can put players next to each other based on their positions (defender versus defender, attacker versus attacker).


1. On the signal the front 2 players start.

2. Sprint 2 pilons forward and then 1 pylon backward.

3. Keep your face forward, so don't turn during the exercise.

4. The intensity is 90% of the player's maximum speed. Especially the forward runs (starting) have to be explosive and with short steps.

5. At the end of the series of pilons you turn with a wide bend and dribble back slowly to the starting point.

6. Repeat this exercise once.


1. Identical to the basic form, but now with the pilons in a different pattern: between the first 2 pilons is 1 meter, between the next pilons 2 meters, then 3 meters, 4 meters and finally 5 meters. After this you reduce distances again (respectively 4, 3, 2 and 1 meter space between the pilons). In total you will have 18 pilons.

2. Identical to the basic form, but now with a different pattern: between the first 3 pilons 1 meter, the next 2 pilons 5 meter, then again 3 pilons with 1 meter, 2 pilons with 5 meter. After this, place the same pattern again (4 times the same pattern in 1 line, with a total of 18 pilons).

3. Identical to variation 3, but now you don't place the pilons in a straight line, but in curves.

4. You make a straight line of pilons and arrange them as you see fit. Make sure there is a lot of variation.

5. Identical to variation 4, but now with curves.

Intensity of the exercise

The intensity is 90% of the maximum effort. Panting, should be present in the forward runs, because they are highly explosive. Good body control and athletic posture should be maintained, EMI 7/8.