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Hockey drills for technique condition

  • Three pairs.
  • Player 1 plays player 2 in the run.
  • Quick turn over forehand.
  • Sprint around pawn with ball on stick.
  • In the stick adjust on player 1.
  • Player 1 does the same.
drawing Play-in warm-up
  • Player 1 plays player 2 in the run
  • Player 2 runs around pawn B to the next pawn C
  • Player 2 passes to player 3 at cone C
  • Player 3 passes the ball back immediately at cone D
  • Player 2 takes the ball back in the run
  • Player 2 passes the ball to player 1 at pawn A

  • Repeat this for 3 minutes
  • With 2 players simultaneously in the square is also possible
drawing 4 sides warm up
  1. To pawn 1 pace with ball on forehand on stick. At the pawn a passing move to the left.
  2. To pawn 2 tempo with ball on stick. At the pawn a dummy.
  3. To pawn 3 indian dribble. At the pawn hop over the stick and sprint with ball under control to the back line around pawn A to pawn 4 ball on the left side of your body with left or right hand on the stick. At the pawn a seesaw with backhand over the pawns
  4. Pull the ball to the forehand and at the pion 5 make a reverse and re past the pion
  5. To pawn 6 and there make a bounce over the pawns
  6. Slow dribble to the beginning of the pawn
drawing Conditioning with ball and stick
  • Player 1 plays in hard to player 2 with flats.
  • Player 2 runs in on the ball, takes the ball in stride and turns left or right.
  • Player 2 plays the ball in to player number 3 with a hard push.
  • Player 2 then runs to pawn number 3 without the ball.
  • Player number 3 accepts the ball in the run and runs on to pawn 2.
  • Player number 3 hits a regular high shot to player 1.
  • Player #1 takes the ball in the run and then plays another flats on the player at the pawn.
drawing Store
  • Player A plays the ball with a flats or hard push on C.
  • Player C comes running in and rebounds the ball wide at once to player B who has come running in.
  • B takes the ball in stride and accelerates with the ball on the stick to the edge of the "dotted circle.
  • There he passes the ball with a hard push to player C who has run around the pawn and offers himself.
  • The ball is accepted just outside the circle and then taken into the circle with 1x touch and hit on goal.
  • Then the player gets a 'rebound' ball played to him from the back line by the trainer and finishes it on the goal.
Passing: CAB
drawing Bouncing the ball
Conquer the goaltending:

  • Team blue and team red
  • With a controlled pass through the goalmouth, you "conquer" the goal.
  • The team that conquered all the goals wins.
  • A goal can be recaptured by the other side playing a controlled pass through that goal.
drawing Party Form
Conditioning in combination with stick and Ball
  • A: sprint from 1 to 2
  • B: perform rope ladder as per 5 exercises below
  • C: take ball around the hat and finish on goal
Note: if no rope ladders available then hats down

Points of attention:
  • Pay attention to your predecessor.
  • Outside back.
  • Exercise must be done at pace.
  • two foot run -one foot in each box.
  • Ladder Taps -right foot in each square, left foot outside.
  • Two foot lateral run -sideways both feet in a box.
  • Skiers.
  • Squat Hops.
drawing Conditional rope ladders
  • Make 2 equal teams.
  • Each team gets an attacking goal.
  • Rights to score can be fetched in 1 of the 2 boxes.
  • On offense or ball loss, rights must be retrieved again.
drawing Warm-up ball possession high tempo
  • Focused pass giving and receiving.
  • Center player focus on accepting, handling ball and passing on.
Points of focus:
  • In the forehand
  • High stop
  • Speed ball -width of field serve.
Extension exercise: middle player runs in and asks for the ball, accepts and turns around, passes the ball runs back quickly and offers again.
drawing Passing in 3-pairs
Divide your group into 2 teams.

  • Red player in center plays defender in and gets ball back. 2 - 1 hockey out in the 'forbidden' zone.
  • Right blue player starts with ball and plays defender in, plays back to blue and a 3 - 3 starts in the 'forbidden' zone and right field.
  • Defenders may score in the goal if the ball is intercepted.
  • After this attack, an attack starts from the left.
  • Player red plays into the defender, plays back and a 4-4 in the whole 23 meter area starts.
  • Defenders can defend by scoring in one of the goals.
On offense -with advantage- or off-ball, pass immediately to next attack.

Add extra: Scoring within 10/15 sec. Start when the attacker receives the ball back from the defender.

drawing Switching 2-1, 3-3 to 4-4.
  • Party game with two goals and a square in the middle of the field.
  • The ball may not be played through the square. In that case the ball is in touch.
  • So the idea is to play field hockey outside and not through the axis of the field.
drawing Party Form
Relay 4
  • Players blue and red start at the same time with the ball
  • Slalom around the 5 pawns --> cross --> around the green pawn and finish on goal.
  • If you score, you may immediately choose the shortest path to tap your next teammate.
  • If you miss; wide, post or the ball does not reach the goal, you make a detour via the red or blue pawn/triangle.
    • Players blue run back via the blue pawn and players red via the red.
  • When you have been, you sit on the ground.
  • The team that has all players on the ground first wins the relay.
  • Depending on the number of players, you may choose to have all players take their turn twice.
  • Switch sides halfway through the exercise.
drawing Exercise on target