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Inline-skating drill: jumping exercise form

Suitable for the following techniques:

Jumping exercise form

Several posts are scattered throughout the hall. The posts consist of different levels.
The members first divide themselves into the level they think they belong to.
The trainers skate around and give tips.

Examples of stations:
Station 1: There is a low obstacle, 
e.g. field hockey stick
What do you do?

  • You skate and stop just before the obstacle. Then you step over it. Possibly with someone holding your hand.
  • You skate but don't stop in front of the obstacle. You step over it while riding.
  • You skate and jump over the obstacle. You go through your knees and push off your feet at the same time.
Item 2: There is a low obstacle, slightly higher than potty 1
.E.g. Flat pots/ small conesWhat
do you do?

  • You jump over the obstacle. If this is still not possible, you do the steps just like in item 2.
Next posts are higher and higher obstacles.

Characteristics of the drill

Necessary materials:
Not applicable
Suitable for the following levels: