Korfball drill: point-shooting

Suitable for the following techniques: attack, shoot


In short: a game in which the groups get different shooting assignments.

Organisation: two, three or four teams per basket. The players take turns to shoot. After each task the groups leave the ball behind and move on to the next basket.

The baskets are spread around the room. The groups are divided over the baskets, where uneven size of the groups is not a real problem. The trainer gives an assignment (see below for some examples). The group that completes the task first gets a point. After that the groups all move one basket, especially when the circumstances per basket are different (sun, floodlights, puddles, strong wind, scoop baskets etc.). It also keeps the momentum of the game which is especially the case when the trainer allows the groups to start immediately, even if not everyone is ready yet. The winner is the group that has gathered the most points after, say, 15 minutes of play.

These exercises do not fit into a competition format, as there is a tendency to indicate something less difficult. When the goal is to learn or improve a certain technique, don't offer all the possibilities mentioned above in one training. Experience shows that the players will then 'show off' too quickly.

Suitable assignments are (at lower levels, smaller numbers of goals to be scored):

  • 20 passing balls.
  • 20 chances (always shoot from the spot where the ball is caught).
  • 10 distance shots from 6 meters.
  • 20 overhead runs from behind the basket.
  • 6 dodge balls on the left
  • 6 dodge balls on the right
  • 20 penalty shots
  • 10 dribble balls in a row (i.e. as soon as a dribble ball is missed, start counting from 0 again).
  • 8 goals from starting away at the basket.

Also "crazy" assignments work very well in this game:

  • Take 5 penalties with your eyes closed.
  • Take 10 balls with one hand.
  • 5 goals while the shooter is sitting on the ground.
  • 10 passing balls, rolling in.
  • 10 balls from half a meter in front of the basket, thrown backwards (over the head) into the basket, etc. The competition element plays a big role in this form, so it is not a suitable form to improve technique.

Characteristics of the drill

Necessary materials:
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