Korfball drills for attack / score

  • 4 posts in a square.
  • 4 attackers.
  • 1 attacker.
  • 3 defenders.
  • The attacker must find the free post.
  • The defenders must therefore make it as difficult as possible and communicate.
  • Variants:
    • Only through balls.
    • Only shots.
    • x number of goals etc.
  • Players stand next to each other.
  • The ball is thrown to player 2 and player 1 runs after it until halfway and inside.
  • Player 2 throws the ball at the moment he/she thinks the other player can make a good run through.
  • Player 1 finishes it.
  • About 3 exercises with defender at 80%. (allow chance).
  • About 10 walk-throughs.
  • About 10 short chances (2-3m) on the move.
  • About 10 shots (5-6 m) on the move.

  • Ball 1 (with or without defenders)
  • Player A passes to B and keeps moving in front.
  • B passes to C and starts rebounding.
  • C passes to D and keeps moving in the back.
  • D passes to A and both stay in front at a good distance from the basket until player C runs in the support.
  • Player A passes to C.
  • C waits in the support position for just under a second.
  • Player B pulls away from the rebound position.
  • Player C passes to B and turns on her axis to immediately fold in.
  • B passes directly back to C for the through ball.
  • When C misses, it is C's task to rebound immediately and adjust the free running player B for a possible 2nd chance. (short chance).
  • Every 3 players at the basket, 2 attackers and 1 defender:
    • The goal is to get 2 free.
  • Exercise is finished when:
    • There is scored, the defender has the ball, if the ball collides.
  • Always turn in the order A - A - V.
  • If it is a 4-player game, the defender gets a rest turn before entering as attacker.
  • Work with 3 attackers against 2 defenders on 2 poles:
    • Attackers may try to score on the two posts (end when a goal is scored, when one of the defenders can intercept the ball)
    • Attackers get max 4 passes per chance taken (end when a goal is scored, when one of the defenders can intercept the ball, or when more passes are needed)
    • You may only take 1 chance per basket (ends when a goal is scored, when one of the defenders can intercept the ball, when more passes are needed, at 2 misses)
    • Player who misses may not attack again if the ball remains in play, so the attackers' overtime is gone.
  • Play 4:4, after interception the ball comes to the centre line, after which the attack starts again.
  • Attack 3 times and then switch functions.
  • The assignment is to play as wide as possible and catch from space.
  • Think about the trained exercises.
  • We play 4:4 with a catch under the post until the first shot is made.
  • After that the catch comes from the space.
  • The receiver stands, with regard to the shooter, at the side of the post. (So pass from the space).
  • In this exercise, you all have a function.
  • The one who has the ball is either the passer or the shooter.
  • If you are the passer, then another one comes for the shot.
  • The third is for catching.
  • So you always fill in one of those positions.
  • The other three take penalty shots