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Korfball drills for technique attack / score

  • Ball is passed around to the right.
  • After x passes, a diagonal ball comes.
  • When the diagonal ball comes, player 2 must put down a rebound.
  • Player 4 goes to the rebound.
  • Player 3 can choose to shoot or go for the through ball.
You can extend this by releasing player 1 for the shot.

drawing Dry set-up after deep ball
  • Player 1 stands by the pawn
  • Player 2 comes to offer next to player 1 and doubles once
  • Player 2 then runs deep
  • Player 1 goes after his own ball and makes a handover
  • Player 2 takes a through ball
  • Exchange after X chances
  • Scoring a total of X goals
Points of attention:
  • Perform action smoothly.
  • Tight passing.
  • Correct hand passing.
drawing Passing, running with through ball and depth line
  • In this exercise you use 2 poles facing each other.
  • At each pole there is a declarer.
  • One of the attackers has the ball.
  • The posts are +/- 10 meters apart.
  • At about 4 meters from the basket on the side stands an attacker with a defender.

  • The attacker goes to the side of the post to make an offensive move to receive the ball for the shot.
  • The goal is for the defender to give so much pressure that the ball cannot be thrown. If this happens the attacker makes a running action to the other post.
  • The one standing in support throws the ball. the attacker must first make a rebound and only then make the through ball.
drawing Deep through ball
  • Player A plays to B.
  • B places through on the to the side running out C.
  • C plays through to the to the tip of the circle running in on D and C threatens in.
  • B, after the pass to C, runs around C to the basket and gets the through ball indicated by D.
  • A, meanwhile, has run to the backcourt to replenish if needed.
drawing Walk-through ball after deflection via running block
  • Player A at the line passes to player B left or right in the box.
  • Player B plays through to player C who comes to the tip of the circle.
  • Player B moves inside and comes out right in front of the basket.
  • Player A after playing through to B moves toward B and runs around behind B to the basket.
  • Player A gets the ball and takes a through ball.
- Score 10 times after setting up in front on left
- score 10 times after setting up in front over right
- score 10 times after setting up from the side - out ball
- score 10 times after setting up from behind
drawing Through ball via running block
Games are played on a small korfball court, divided into two squares, with 1 ball and a total of 4 pairs per square.

  • Team blue starts attacking and may not go behind the dotted line, which is in line with the post.
  • Team red starts defending and may go anywhere in the box
  • Team white may be used as a focal point for team blue and engage in the rebound duel with team red. They are not allowed to get past the dotted line. Caught balls are played back out to the attacking team.

  • Team blue scores? Then the ball is played as quickly as possible to team orange, who have the same function as team white in the starting situation.
  • Team blue switches places/functions with team white. Team white then becomes the offense in the other box and team red remains defense.
  • Interception team red? Then the ball is played to team orange as quickly as possible. Team red becomes attack in the other box and team white defends.
drawing 2 against 2 with 8 players parabola
  • 4 v 4 on badminton court with a post in the middle
  • Practice passing discipline, starting with contact but now can go either side or long diagonal
  • If you have a shot, take it, if not pass it on
  • Others pay attention, looking for a shot, in order to come in for a collect
  • If no shot looks likely, go out again
  • After each shot, reset and start again
  • Switch roles after 3 shots or 5 minutes whichever comes first
  • 4 v 4 on badminton court with post in the middle
  • Same passing drill but now can go in other directions including long diagonal, must make contact prior to pass
  • If you have a shot - take it, other attackers to watch and if shot is on, get to collect, shooter also follows in
  • Reset after each shot, after 3 shots or five minutes which ever comes first, swap roles
  • 4 v 4 on badminton court with post in middle
  • Practice the passing exercise but now have choice of which way, still need to make contact first
  • If you have a shot, take it, if not pass to someone else, include long diagonal, emphasise contact first
  • If there is a shot going up and you are nearest, get to post to collect, shooter to follow shot in
  • After a shot, reset and go again, swap roles after three shots or five minutes which ever comes first
The ball is under the post in the support.
Two players in the front of the box.
The fourth player wanders somewhere in the back box.

  • The support throws the ball out to the left or right and runs in the direction it was thrown.
  • The ball is played back to the out runner.
  • The player on the other front is constantly moving and breaks through at the moment the ball is played back to the out runner.
  • The out runner hands the ball over and this through ball is scored.
Score 20x over left and 20x over right.

drawing Breakthrough from space
Per 3- or 4-team at a basket.
Step 1:
  • Player Red defends Player Blue.
  • Player Blue has the ball and then throws it to Player White and runs deep and shoots.
Step 2:
  • Follow Step 1 and after Player Blue runs deep, Player White rushes in for a giveaway.
  • Player Blue goes for a pass through Blue.
  • Player Red continues to defend, but allows the through ball.
> Take the goal attempts as calmly as possible
> If by 4 put down a rebound.
drawing Running deep lines
  • The ball enters the box in a 4-0 formation.
  • The player on the other side -for- cuts in for support.
  • At the moment the ball is played to the diagonal player makes a breakthrough or lateral move, gets the ball played to him and gets to the shot.
  • If no goal is scored, the support can shift attention to the other back, where breakthroughs or clearances can be made for the shot.
Note: The player on the side of the ball can also run in instead of the player in front. The action then comes from the other side of the box.

  • Score 5 through balls over left and over right
  • Score 5 clearance balls from the left and right.
drawing Action from rear