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Volleyball drill: old school rebounding

Suitable for the following techniques:

Old school rebounding

  • Starting lineup:
    • 1 group to the left of the free throw line
    • 1 group to the right of the free throw line
    • 1 ball per 2 players
    • 1 player on the left forward
    • 1 player on the right forward
  • Conduct:
    • The forward player throws the ball against the board and catches the ball
    • Chin the ball and pivot
    • Rebounder gives an outlet pass
    • The back man puts pressure on the rebounder
    • The back man tries to prevent the pass
    • Rebounder becomes outlet pass receiver
  • Regression:
    • Working without a back man
drawing Old school rebounding

Characteristics of the drill

Necessary materials:
Not applicable
Suitable for the following levels: