Basketball drills for all skills

  • Two pairs shake hands in a crossed position (see photo) and kneel down in the sitting position.


  • 2 opposite each other, bend their knees in the sitting position and come up and kick forward with the left and right leg alternately.




Two pairs sit down and stand up at the same time, with their backs against each other.


  • 2 groups of players stand behind each other,
  • back player lifts leg of player in front of him.
  • the player in front of him goes through the knees with the other leg.


Two persons face to face in a lying position. They push themselves up and give each other a hand slap (see photo)


  • Pairs run from baseline to baseline on the right side of the field,
  • meanwhile chest pass back and forth,
  • distance between them is approx. 3 metres.
  • Return on the left side, but then with bounce-pass.

Line to line

  • Right, left, skipping, handball, one-legged handball
  • Stay behind the trainer, sprint


  • Crossover with hesitation, fake crossover
  • Between the legs
  • Behind the back
  • Combo, e.g. between the legs and behind the back


  • Cap steps, sprint
  • Slides
  • Cap steps, slides at each line

  • 3 lines a few meters apart.
  • Each line has a name (apple pear or banana).
  • The children start on a line.
  • Trainer calls out a fruit and the children must run to that line as fast as they can.

Line up the children in two lines, encourage strong passes, whoever has 25 passes first sits on the ground.

We start with fake a pass, make a pass and pivot push pass, we do this without game form.

  • Chest pass
  • Bounce
  • Push (left, right)
  • Overhead