Basketball drills for condition

  • Set up a course with running boards, bridges, hoops and cones and have the kids dribble down the course.
  • You can make it as difficult as you like. The child who completes the course in the shortest time wins.

Feint exercise

  • Walk towards the defender, move your left foot to the left, as if you were passing the defender on the left
  • Immediately afterwards, move your left foot to the right and get the ball very low from your left hand to your right hand, so that your back is facing your opponent
  • Now dribble on and score with the lay-up


  • Make two teams.
  • The goal is to get the ball to the other side of the line.
  • You do this by standing in plank position and then pushing the ball to the other person who is standing further down in plank position.
  • Then you run to the front and stand in a holding position and wait for the ball to come.
  • The team that gets to the other side first wins.
  • Players start at the bottom of the baseline.
    • The red cones are sprint.
    • The green cones are step-slide.
  • Then we either take the ball on the right side of the court or the left side.
  • We start with the ball on the right side anyway.
  • Do a lay-up, then lay the ball down on the left side of the court and sprint to the end line,
  • and then start again,
  • now laying down on the left side of the court, taking the ball there
  • and then do a shot on the left side of the court,
  • rebound and
  • put the ball on the right side of the court
  • and do the round again with the right side
  • and then lay up there again.
  • This exercise we repeat first round 3x, 15'' rest, 5x 30'' rest, 7x 45'' rest, 5x 30'' rest and finish again with 3x

End of exercise.

We keep on walking and don't walk. Rest period is provided between drills.


  • One person shoots free throws.
  • Two other players stand behind the one who throws the free throw.
    • According to the rules of the game
  • Once the ball is gone the three players go for the rebound.
  • If the person who made the free throw has the ball, he can make another free throw.
  • If he doesn't have the ball, the 2 other players go to the other side of the court to attack, 2 against 1.
  • If attacker is pressured by defender then go to free man, otherwise keep going until lay-up.
  • The next three players get ready to execute the exercise.
  • give each other the right arm and bend your knees in a sitting position.
  • idem left arm


  • Two pairs shake hands in a crossed position (see photo) and kneel down in the sitting position.


  • 2 opposite each other, bend their knees in the sitting position and come up and kick forward with the left and right leg alternately.



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