Basketball drills for shooting

  • Group on top with ball
    • Other 2 groups on forward
    • Top passes
    • Forwards shot
  • Variations
    • Ball on top drived to goal Forward follows to the baseline
    • Pass and shot.
  • Player a does V-cut and gets ball from player b and stops in jump-stop.
  • He pivots (front left) with his left leg to the basket and gets into triple treath position.
  • After a fake shot, he leaves right-handed dribble, left leg big step past the cone to the basket for a lay-up.
  • Player c takes the rebound and goes to the other side for a shot at 45 degrees, after which he connects with the passers.
  • 21 cone shot exercise, With each score the player walks behind a cone and places it on the side, The exercise is done when all the cones are distributed,

2 rows, 1 ball per team

  • Player scores, rebounds own ball, and passes to next player in line
  • Player who scored runs to the other baseline to retrieve a pawn and brings it back to the group. Can also be done with the volleyball scoreboard (keeping track of points, best of 5)
  • Group with most pawns at the end wins

3 players, 2 balls

  • 2 shoot, 1 goes out, rebound, and pass
  • Same, but now go to your strength, and shoot
  • Same but now go to your cross


  • Call names, call for ball => don't pass if they don't call your name
  • Be ready! Tripple threat
  • Step into the shot
  • Game speed, over exagerate

Games with different assignments/restrictions.
Pay attention to free running, not blind dribbling, good passing, pivoting, talking.

  • 3x3 without dribbling (1 basket)
  • with max 2 dribbles
  • Both teams lie on the back line (on stomach),
  • trainer puts ball in play via shot or bounce (quickly choose position, who will attack?)
  • just play to the 10 (end game)


The players form 2 lines on the baseline, everyone has a ball except the first person of 1 of the 2 lines.

  • Finishing with jumpshot (30 scores)
  • Finishing with shot on 1st block of the bucket (30 scores)
  • Finishing with shot on the elbow from the bucket (20 scores)

  • Divide the players into groups and give each player a number (equal groups).
  • Each group in a corner of the field and balls in the centre circle.
  • When the coach says your number, you run to the centre circle, grab a ball and you get 2 attempts to score (max 2 x 1 point for your group).
  • Games to the 10 for example and losers push up.
  • To keep the speed up, have several numbers run at the same time.
  • 2 players, one ball.
  • Player A one side/under the basket (rebounder shot)
  • Player B approx. 3,5m from the basket (FT-line).
  • Back too the ring.
  • Backfoot 135degrees. Step in, get bll. shoot.
  • 10 shots in a row. switch.
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