Basketball drills for all skills

  • The teacher selects 2 taggers.
  • They have to stay within their box (within the 4 pilons) and tap the basketballs away from the runners if they want to cross.
  • So the runners have to dribble to the other side without losing their basketball.
  • If a runner doesn't have the basketball with him, he is finished and automatically becomes a tagger.
  • A tip you can give to the runners is that they shield the ball with their body.
  • This means keeping your body between the ball and the opponent.
  • The runners are not allowed to cross again until everyone has tapped or reached the other side.
  • In the end, as the game progresses, you get more and more taps and fewer runners.
  • The last remaining runner is the winner.

  • 2 or 4 teams (1 or 2 fields)
  • Each team has 1 ball and is at the head of the bucket
  • Take turns shooting
  • If you score then you may go to the other basket to shoot a free throw
  • Is it touching, it is 1 point.
    • At 5 points the team has won
  • Possibly you can turn it into a conditioning training
  • When a shot is missed
  • There must then be run to the back line and back 
  • A runs in and (runs or around his/her axis and passes the ball to B or gives a sliding flat to B).
  • B takes the ball open and gives a weighted push (a push that stops rolling) in the course of player C
  • C takes the ball and accelerates to the pilons line without stopping or slowing it down (hip just in front of the left foot is the easiest way to do this) C the ball in the course of Player D 
  • Player D runs through the ball and takes the ball strongly. He runs through one gives a backhand pass (FINGERS SPREAD) to E 
  • Player E takes the ball at once and gives a bouncing ball in the course of F that takes and scores!
  • Differentiation:
    • Player A must give a slide on B (let the ball slide off your stick)
    • Persist: you are chasing your ball
  • Purpose:
    • Reaction speed and 1 against 1 
  • Assignment:
    • Divide the players into pairs and give them one number per pair. 
    • When the trainer says a number, the players with that number sprint to the center as fast as possible, grab the basketball and dribble to basket for 1 to 1.
    • They get only 1 attempt to score. After their goal attempt, the ball goes back to the trainer. 
  • You can also call several numbers at once for 2 against 2, 3 against 3 etc.
  • 1 player represents 4 other players
  • 1 player passes the ball and passes it to the freeman
  • If the pass departs from the fixed pass, the other ball may leave for the fixed pass
  • 2 attackers on the wing position and 1 defender under the basket
  • The attacker with the ball gives a signal the defender chooses either the person with the ball or the other
  • If he chooses the person with the ball, the attacker passes the ball to the free person.
  • If he chooses the person without the ball, the striker with the ball will go straight to the goal
  • Finish with a layup or shot


  • Basket insight into positional play, knowledge of feint movements


  • learn to move in attack and fill the free spot


  • 5 spots
  • 1 player / spot (U10 4 players, U12 5 players)
    • Position 1 passes to position 2, 
    • Feint and cut through towards the basket. 
    • Meanwhile position 3 takes the place of position 1 and position 5 takes the place of position 3. 
    • Cutting player takes place of position 5 (= spot released). 
    • Perform automatically 5 passes and then score via lay-up or jump-shot.

Teaching Points

  • Good chest/bounce pass, 
  • Quick cut with feint (angular), 
  • Open spot fill up, 
  • Get ball = in shooting position watch basket first before passing.

  • Requirements
    • Be able to dribble and stop in 1 time when receiving a pass
  • Aim
    • 1 time stop (jump stop), jump shot with attention to technique of the shot and finish against the board
  • Organisation
    • 1 passer in position 2, 
    • players dribble zigzag up to midline and then dribble to 1 position 
    • pass to 2
    • cutting inside until next to the ring, 
    • Receive the pass of 2
    • jump stop and finish with jumpshot.
      • Changing = finisher becomes passer, passer takes rebound and connects to baseline. Next player departs when predecessor has finished.
  • Teachingpoints
    • correct stop in 1 time, 
    • finish via shot from shooting-pocket to the board
  • The players between the cones guard their terrain. 
  • They must prevent the player with the ball from hitting their gate. 
  • The player with the ball tries to dribble through the gate. 
  • When he hits the other side, he may finish with a lay-up. 
  • After the player is on the other side, everyone moves on.