Handball drills for all skills


  • There is one thief
  • The other players have to throw the ball over the ground so fast that they can hit the thief with the ball.
  • In one or two groups
  • Keep the field small.
  • 4 players stand in a square.
  • There is 1 ball.
  • A player throws to another player and walks straight to that position.
  • The player who received the ball does the same. 
  • That way there is constant movement.
    • Make it clear that except for the starting player, everyone has only 2 choices.
    • Possibly as a competition between groups.


  • Keeping arms forward,
    • Small rotation with clenched fist
      • No extreme stretching.
  • Jogging calmly across the field
    • Arms forward,
    • Backwards,
    • Turn against each other.
  • Arms crossed wide in front of the chest
    • Alternating between upper and lower arms.
  • Arms wide and turn small circles
Question, which muscles do you feel when?

  • Players face each other in pairs.
  • First, throw the ball over, pay attention to technique.
  • Between each throw, drop the ball 3 times and immediately grab it again to develop hand strength.
  • After that, throw and catch from the jump, with two hands at first.

Players stand in pairs facing each other. Each pair has 1 ball.

  • The player with the ball first makes a half turn straight around.
  • Then the player turns back and throws the ball to the other. Possible to combine with (preceding) 2-legged jump forward backward.
  • The player with the ball starts by making a half turn, where the ball moves from the bottom right to the top left (bowling move).
  • Then the player turns and throws the ball to the other.
Focal points:

- First train on stability, so throw to second turn.
- Possibly with eyes closed (throw with eyes open).
- Then throw from the second turn.
- Pay attention to height of the throwing arm, upper arm in angle of 90 degrees with the body.

- Open swing (arms from left to right, leg moves with you), swing a little further each time.
- Arms swing and dribble (front and back and opposite).
- Monsterwalks - sit low, 10 paces in front, 10 paces in back.
- Crabwalks (same except sideways) pay attention to knees.
- Duckwalks (even lower) 5 paces.
- Dribbling to number 4 (1 leg on knee and alternate).

- Lunge (1 leg backwards) and rotate upper body - alternate .
- Lunge - hip forward, arms extended upwards - then hang forward diagonally - then hammy rock (hamstrings, toes up).
- Windshield wiper - sitting, legs spread, always move 1 knee in, 1 knee out.
- Then turn on one side and hold.
- 123 in T shape (front left right back / front right left back).
- Squat jumps (short).
- Jumps - 123 high (with 2 legs and with 1 leg - also land on 1).


The trainer stands in front of the goal area with a little distance and holds up the ball with their left.

- 1 player comes running from a pawn, takes the ball from the jump (2 hands at first, later with 1).
- Then throw straight at the goal.

When that gets going, the trainer can throw the ball. Players can catch with 2 hands at first, then with 1 hand. Make sure they do not hit the ball!

  • All players stand in fixed positions on the playing field, possibly indicated by hoops.
  • They are not allowed to move. One player is now being chased.
  • This player has to be hit by one of the other players, by them throwing the ball back and forth.
  • If the runner is hit, the thrower becomes the runner and the runner becomes thrower.


- More runners
- More balls


  • You place 4 pawns in a square approx 6x6m.
  • Players are divided at the pawns, possibly in a row.
  • One player gets the ball, walks slowly to the next pawn and throws the ball to the first player at the next pawn who has also started walking.
  • As soon as the ball is caught, the first player at the next pawn starts walking and catches the ball again, etc.
  • Important, players do not walk sideways but forwards and bend their upper body sideways.
  • Make sure the players throw the ball into the hands of the next player.
  • The higher the speed of the exercise, the further in front of the player the ball must be thrown.
  • The exercise can be performed at all speeds, walking and running.


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