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Hockey drills for technique defense

Goal Exercise:
Make high pressure tactics clear to a team.

  • 6 vs. 6
  • Setup defense is 4-2 and possible goalkeeper
  • Attacking formation is 3-3.
Ball is taken out alternately by defenders and attackers.

Goal of defense
In possession of ball:
  • Play ball out and score in 1 of the 2 goals on the center line.
  • Form triangles so that someone can always be played.
  • Be able to change sides when crowded on 1 side.
No ball possession:
  • Play compactly / ensure that the ball + player on the ball guide to the outside.
  • Cover the inside of an attacker so that the way to the goal is covered.
Goal attack
In possession of ball:
  • Attackers compact when ball is in middle of field, when ball is played away to side 1 attacker must run into corner and other 2 attackers assume scoring position in circle.
  • Be able to shift ball from side when crowded on 1 side.
No ball possession:
  • Attackers high pressure on ball / cover play-off opportunities.
  • Midfield compact until ball is on one side and then pressure.
drawing Game tactics with attackers and defenders
  • Attacker on the ball runs up and does a reverse.
  • Passes to attacker 2.
  • 2 vs. 2 starts.
drawing Reverse and 1 versus 1
  • A runs around the pawns with the ball and pushes to B
  • B passes to C
  • C drives around the pawns into the circle and passes to B who has run into the circle
  • Defender D comes into action B and C try to score
Option 1: Extra defender and A attacks with him.

drawing Impact over left with dribble
  • A starts with a ball and drives into the circle and rounds off
  • B plays when A has rounded a ball to V1
  • From here the 2 versus 2 starts
  • When A and B conquer the ball, they can score in one of the goals on the side
drawing 2 versus 2 rounding
  • We always play 2 against 2
  • Group 1 plays against group 2
  • Group 3 stands ready with a ball, if the ball is out, or scored, group 3 may start, Group 1 then enters that box to defend
  • Group 1 against group 3
  • Group 4 is ready with a ball, ball out, or scored, group 4 starts with the ball and writes group 3 to defend
  • Group 3 against group 4
  • And so on
drawing 2 versus 2 with switching moment
  • A has the ball and does over the three pawns and chop
  • She then plays a 1 vs 1 against B
  • B tries to capture the ball and then drive the ball through the gate on the 23-yard line
drawing Chop exercise to 1 vs. 1
  • V1 starts with the ball
  • V2 comes running in and gets the ball from V1
  • V2 takes the ball open and passes to V3
  • V2 runs right through to offer his pass to V3
  • V3 passes the ball back to V2, who runs into the circle and completes

  • A passes the ball to B when V3 has given the ball to V2
  • B passes the ball outside where C presents himself
  • It now becomes a 3 vs.

  • V1, V2, V3 are going to try to defend the goal
  • A, B, C want to score on the goal
  • If the defense takes the ball away, they can score in the goal on the side
drawing Attack over right to 3 vs.
  • A plays the ball wide to B, who is ready to receive the ball
  • B takes the ball and drives toward the box where they play a 1 vs. 1 against A who is ready to defend
drawing 1 vs. 1
  • A starts with the ball and plays it back to B first.
  • When B has taken the ball the 3-on-3 starts and the defenders may start pressuring.

  • Tips for the attackers:
    • Use the practice of switching the strikers.
    • Play only the safe ball.
    • Remember the 4 squares in the circle.

  • Tips for the defenders:
    • Keep your man/woman in the circle.
    • Push them to one side.
    • Always put pressure on the ball so don't let them shoot.
drawing 3 against 3 in the circle
  • Party game with two goals and a square in the middle of the field.
  • The ball may not be played through the square. In that case the ball is in touch.
  • So the idea is to play field hockey outside and not through the axis of the field.
drawing Party Form
  • Putting pressure on the bowl in positional play
  • Covering the pass line and running line
drawing Press on bowl & waist
  • Position play 0 against 0
  • Then 3 against 1
drawing positional play 3 against 0 and 3 against 1