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Hockey drills

  • Overplaying past the pawns.
  • When the players reach the last pawn, the last player runs around the pawn.
  • And this last one is going to attack.
  • The defender tries to defend it out.
drawing easter exercise
  • A drives with the ball to the gate and plays the ball to B
  • A meanwhile runs in the triangle first backwards and then forwards
  • B passes the ball in the run to C
  • C and A play 1 on 1
drawing Section Exercise
  • It's Red against Blue.
  • Red tries to take the ball away.
  • Blue plays it around and stays in box.
  • You must keep moving in the box so you can get to the ball each time.
  • If the ball is taken away, you must switch with the person who took it away.
drawing Loafing in square
  • The back line always takes the ball out.
  • Before the center line on own side always takes back line out.
  • after the center line always middle line.
In picture you can see when behind takes out:
  • Always player behind so it can go back.
  • Player along line.
  • Player in line to goal.
drawing who takes ball
  • Overplaying and attacking
drawing Attacks
  • Three pairs.
  • Player 1 plays player 2 in the run.
  • Quick turn over forehand.
  • Sprint around pawn with ball on stick.
  • In the stick adjust on player 1.
  • Player 1 does the same.
drawing Play-in warm-up
  • The blue and red players play hard across
  • The red player runs in and gets the ball from the blue player
  • The red player rounds on the goal with a stroke
drawing Running in with stroke
  • 2 goals of pawns and a goal is scored when the ball is played between the pawns and accepted under control.
  • The scoring side then leaves the ball for the other side.
  • Goals can be scored by either team.
  • Play may continue behind the goals and scoring from front to back and vice versa.
drawing game 3 against 3
  • 2 teams
  • 1 goalie
  • 1 big goal
  • 2x small goals with cones

  • The team that plays the ball through one of the small goals may score on the big goal. The other team must defend immediately.
  • Should the defending team gain possession of the ball, they may try to play through 1 of the small goals to become the attacking team.
  • The goalkeeper is in the big goal and does not belong to either team.
drawing Party with 1 goalkeeper and straight retrieve
  • 5 players on the 5-meter circle with 6 balls
  • 1 player at the penalty spot
  • Player on the dot offers himself on the edge of the circle, takes the ball and shoots at the goal within 3 seconds
  • Sprints back to the spot, and offers himself again for ball 2 at the head of the circle
  • Everyone on the dot once or twice
drawing condition rounding on goal
You stand in a square and flatten the ball into a square. This is off to 2 sides. The team that scored first gets a 2nd ball and the team that was slower now has to defend the ball.

  • A flattens to B
  • B flattens to C
  • C flattens to D
D scores and either gets a new ball or goes to defend.

drawing square
  • The white player passes the blue triangular player in
  • The blue triangular player passes the ball to the red triangular player
  • Meanwhile, the red round player begins to offer around the pawns
  • The triangular red player passes to the round red player
  • This one runs into the circle and duels with the blue round defender
  • Then the red round player rounds on the goal 10 seconds while in circle
drawing get in front of your defender