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Hockey drills

Attack through back line
  • Player A passes to player B.
  • B gets to the back line, A runs through to the penalty spot.
  • B plays the ball to A. One touch on goal.
  • General explanation/ repetition of the hotbox.
  • Player B: Ball on stick, in front of you and head up during back line run.
  • 2 vs 1 + goalie: Attacker A give explanation for man/woman come attacking position.
  • No goalie? Bounce board and ties as goalkeeper.
  • Defender D may join the drill. Making it 2 vs 1 + goalie and defense can score in goal.
  • Attacker C may join the drill. Whereby it becomes 3 vs 1 + goalie and defense can score in goal.
drawing Back line Forehand & One touch
  • A passes after B.
  • B passes back after A and A retrieves back line with the backhand. Ball shielding.
  • A passes with backhand flats after B who passes after dot.
  • B scores with one touch -Forehand or Backhand.
drawing Backhand back line & one touch
  • Player A flattens the ball wide to the right.
  • B takes the ball open and plays it deep to C who has come running in to the line.
  • C immediately plays the ball wide back to B who offers himself there.
  • B plays the ball to D who offers himself from inside the circle OUTSIDE the circle.
  • D runs with the ball along the back line back into the circle and plays the ball to the head where A is standing meanwhile.
  • A shoots at the goal.
B to A
A to C - white to blue
C to D - blue to orange
D to B - orange to red
B to A - red pawn to white
drawing Shifting play from left to right
  • Three pairs.
  • Player 1 plays player 2 in the run.
  • Quick turn over forehand.
  • Sprint around pawn with ball on stick.
  • In the stick adjust on player 1.
  • Player 1 does the same.
drawing Play-in warm-up
  • 2 goals of pawns and a goal is scored when the ball is played between the pawns and accepted under control.
  • The scoring side then leaves the ball for the other side.
  • Goals can be scored by either team.
  • Play may continue behind the goals and scoring from front to back and vice versa.
drawing game 3 against 3
  • 5 players on the 5-meter circle with 6 balls
  • 1 player at the penalty spot
  • Player on the dot offers himself on the edge of the circle, takes the ball and shoots at the goal within 3 seconds
  • Sprints back to the spot, and offers himself again for ball 2 at the head of the circle
  • Everyone on the dot once or twice
drawing condition rounding on goal
  • The white player passes the blue triangular player in
  • The blue triangular player passes the ball to the red triangular player
  • Meanwhile, the red round player begins to offer around the pawns
  • The triangular red player passes to the round red player
  • This one runs into the circle and duels with the blue round defender
  • Then the red round player rounds on the goal 10 seconds while in circle
drawing get in front of your defender
  • Player 1 plays player 2 in the run
  • Player 2 runs around pawn B to the next pawn C
  • Player 2 passes to player 3 at cone C
  • Player 3 passes the ball back immediately at cone D
  • Player 2 takes the ball back in the run
  • Player 2 passes the ball to player 1 at pawn A

  • Repeat this for 3 minutes
  • With 2 players simultaneously in the square is also possible
drawing 4 sides warm up
  • Player 1 plays in hard to player 2 with flats.
  • Player 2 runs in on the ball, takes the ball in stride and turns left or right.
  • Player 2 plays the ball in to player number 3 with a hard push.
  • Player 2 then runs to pawn number 3 without the ball.
  • Player number 3 accepts the ball in the run and runs on to pawn 2.
  • Player number 3 hits a regular high shot to player 1.
  • Player #1 takes the ball in the run and then plays another flats on the player at the pawn.
drawing Store
  • The balls start at player at 1.
  • The player at 1 passes to the player at 2.
  • The player at 2 takes the ball and at that point the four players around 2 may start putting pressure on that player.
  • The player at 2 must manage to find his way and attempt a pass to someone on his team; orange.
  • Can player 2 give the pass, then orange attacks in a 4vs4, can white take the ball away, then white attacks in a 4vs4.
drawing Creating Overload
  • Player A plays the ball with a flats or hard push on C.
  • Player C comes running in and rebounds the ball wide at once to player B who has come running in.
  • B takes the ball in stride and accelerates with the ball on the stick to the edge of the "dotted circle.
  • There he passes the ball with a hard push to player C who has run around the pawn and offers himself.
  • The ball is accepted just outside the circle and then taken into the circle with 1x touch and hit on goal.
  • Then the player gets a 'rebound' ball played to him from the back line by the trainer and finishes it on the goal.
Passing: CAB
drawing Bouncing the ball
  • First player pushes along the line
  • The other player steps in, takes over and flattens to the central player
  • The central player also steps in and opens up
  • This player pushes back along the line
drawing Running in for the man and flats