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Hockey drills

  • Three pairs.
  • Player 1 plays player 2 in the run.
  • Quick turn over forehand.
  • Sprint around pawn with ball on stick.
  • In the stick adjust on player 1.
  • Player 1 does the same.
drawing Play-in warm-up
  • 2 goals of pawns and a goal is scored when the ball is played between the pawns and accepted under control.
  • The scoring side then leaves the ball for the other side.
  • Goals can be scored by either team.
  • Play may continue behind the goals and scoring from front to back and vice versa.
drawing game 3 against 3
  • 5 players on the 5-meter circle with 6 balls
  • 1 player at the penalty spot
  • Player on the dot offers himself on the edge of the circle, takes the ball and shoots at the goal within 3 seconds
  • Sprints back to the spot, and offers himself again for ball 2 at the head of the circle
  • Everyone on the dot once or twice
drawing condition rounding on goal
  • Player 1 plays player 2 in the run
  • Player 2 runs around pawn B to the next pawn C
  • Player 2 passes to player 3 at cone C
  • Player 3 passes the ball back immediately at cone D
  • Player 2 takes the ball back in the run
  • Player 2 passes the ball to player 1 at pawn A

  • Repeat this for 3 minutes
  • With 2 players simultaneously in the square is also possible
drawing 4 sides warm up
  • Player 1 plays in hard to player 2 with flats.
  • Player 2 runs in on the ball, takes the ball in stride and turns left or right.
  • Player 2 plays the ball in to player number 3 with a hard push.
  • Player 2 then runs to pawn number 3 without the ball.
  • Player number 3 accepts the ball in the run and runs on to pawn 2.
  • Player number 3 hits a regular high shot to player 1.
  • Player #1 takes the ball in the run and then plays another flats on the player at the pawn.
drawing Store
  • Passing in the loop
  • Do not stand still
  • Actively moving from pawn to pawn
drawing Shifting from left to right
  • Player A plays the ball with a flats or hard push on C.
  • Player C comes running in and rebounds the ball wide at once to player B who has come running in.
  • B takes the ball in stride and accelerates with the ball on the stick to the edge of the "dotted circle.
  • There he passes the ball with a hard push to player C who has run around the pawn and offers himself.
  • The ball is accepted just outside the circle and then taken into the circle with 1x touch and hit on goal.
  • Then the player gets a 'rebound' ball played to him from the back line by the trainer and finishes it on the goal.
Passing: CAB
drawing Bouncing the ball
Player A plays the ball, alone, through the restricted area to player B or C.

  • Players attack
  • Defended by 2 defenders and a goalkeeper
  • Ball and players may not pass through the restricted area
Game ends on a goal or a defending player who hit the ball over the sideline.

drawing Attack with
Conquer the goaltending:

  • Team blue and team red
  • With a controlled pass through the goalmouth, you "conquer" the goal.
  • The team that conquered all the goals wins.
  • A goal can be recaptured by the other side playing a controlled pass through that goal.
drawing Party Form
  • Searching for length in overtime
drawing overtime in length
Goal Exercise:
Make high pressure tactics clear to a team.

  • 6 vs. 6
  • Setup defense is 4-2 and possible goalkeeper
  • Attacking formation is 3-3.
Ball is taken out alternately by defenders and attackers.

Goal of defense
In possession of ball:
  • Play ball out and score in 1 of the 2 goals on the center line.
  • Form triangles so that someone can always be played.
  • Be able to change sides when crowded on 1 side.
No ball possession:
  • Play compactly / ensure that the ball + player on the ball guide to the outside.
  • Cover the inside of an attacker so that the way to the goal is covered.
Goal attack
In possession of ball:
  • Attackers compact when ball is in middle of field, when ball is played away to side 1 attacker must run into corner and other 2 attackers assume scoring position in circle.
  • Be able to shift ball from side when crowded on 1 side.
No ball possession:
  • Attackers high pressure on ball / cover play-off opportunities.
  • Midfield compact until ball is on one side and then pressure.
drawing Game tactics with attackers and defenders
This exercise is designed to practice the basics of pushing, accepting and finishing.
drawing passes and assumptions