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Hockey drills for

  • 3x from sideline to sideline
  • 2 rows (Knees lift, cross pass, sideways, arms swing, heels buttocks) all 2x
  • Push close together (1-2 meter)
  • A bit more distance and then shuffle (5-8 meters)
  • Even more distance and then go flat out (minimum 10 meters)
  • Make a triangle of cones, about 5 meters apart.
  • Alternate techniques: pushing, flattening & hitting.
  • Alternate direction of passes after 2 minutes.
  • Walking direction opposite to direction of pass.
  • Put two chairs 18,3 meter apart.
  • Put a tennis ball on chair 1 (this will be replenished), and put a bowl on chair 2.
  • The players work in pairs.
  • One player runs and the other fills up the tennis balls.
  • Collect in 9 minutes as many tennisballs as possible in the bin.
  • You are not allowed to throw and you have to run around the chairs.
  • The player sits with his back against the wall and his legs in a 90 degree angle.
  • Keep this up for as long as possible.
  • Jump as far as you can from a standing position with your feet next to each other.
  • Measure the distance from the line of touch to the heel.


Starting position

  • Lie on your back.
  • Bend your knees to 90 degrees and place both feet flat on the floor.
  • Your arms are along your body with the palms facing down.


  • Tighten your buttocks and stomach.
  • Lift your buttocks off the ground to form a straight line with your knees, hips and shoulders.


  • To make this exercise more difficult: alternately extend your right and left leg, keeping your hips in position.bridge
  • 30 sec jumping jacks
  • 30 sec sit ups
  • 30se squats
  • 30 sec push up and turn arm up
  • 30 sec high knee running in place
  • 30 sec lunges
  • 30 sec plank
  • knee lift
  • heels against buttocks
  • lateral steps both ways
  • cross pass both sides
  • ball retrieval
  • 3 steps forward , backward and sprint
  • 30 sec jumping jacks ( cfr army)
  • 30 sec sit ups
  • 30 sec squats
  • 30 sec push-ups and arm twists
  • 30 sezc high knee running in place
  • 30 sec lunges
  • Float along the outside of the square.
  • Not only looking at the ball but also looking forward/around you.
  • Set up the exercise and where the ball is played to the team-mate it goes through the alley.
  • At the end of the exercise the ball carrier can score on goal.
  • After the exercise, the players walk along the outside back to the start.
  • Increase the distance between them
  • Make the street narrower and narrower
  • change the starting position after a while


  • sprint within 30s (adjust time if necessary to level)
  • back line-->23
  • 23-->back line
  • back line-->23
  • 23-->back line
  • back line-->23
  • 23-->back line