Hockey drills for all skills


The game is played with at least 4 players

  • 1 mouse who has a t-shirt or piece of cloth in the back of his trousers
  • 1 dog who has a tennis ball
  • 2 cats without attribute

  • the mouse runs around with the dog,
  • the cats try to grab the tail of the mouse and bring it to their cone
  • But the dog can tap the cat with the tennis ball and it will do a punishment of its choice in the camp.
  • If there are more players a group can be created and 2 games can be played together.
  • The whole group stands behind a line at the side of the field.
  • On signal they walk over to the other side.
  • Variation: Initial positions:
    • squat
    • knee,
    • prone or supine,
    • Sit with back to walking direction.
  • From the group, a scapegoat is appointed.
  • The game is played all over the field.
  • The group is lined up on one side of the field.
  • On sign the children cross the field.
  • One of the catchers tries to catch as many children crossing the road as possible.
  • Variation
  • The children walk to and fro on a signal.
  • Back and forth without waiting for a signal.
  • The children are not free on the other side.
  • With two tappers.
  • With boxes where there is one ticker in each box.
  • The children can be tagged in every cell.
  • Who has not been tagged on the way out and on the way back?
  • Or which group of tickers has managed to tick the most children?
  • The group stands on one side behind these hoops.
  • When told to do so, the children steal objects from the other side and place them in the hoops on their own side.
  • If they are caught by a ticker, they have to put the object back.
  • full press:
    • defend the inside areas
    • force them to go wide
    • Center striker: responsible for the 2 center backs,
      • start on 5 m and inside,
      • when they pass wide close them to that side
    • Left and right forward: responsible for the right and left back,
      • defend the inside and force them to pass or walk down the line
    • Mid: man to man marking
    • Lm and Rm: man to man and when they force the player to walk down the line block them in a double with the forward
    • Right back and left back: man to man marking and intercept when they pas down the line
  • Player 1 plays the ball to player 2 and player 1 runs on
  • Player 2 bounces the ball back to player 1,
  • Player 1 lines up the ball between the pawns (the player himself will not run in the "pawn box".
  • Player 1 finishes the ball on goal.
  • Player 1 plays the ball to Player 2 and runs towards the goal,
  • Player 2 plays the ball to player 3,
  • Player 3 runs up to the pawn and gives a hard flick towards the 2nd post,
  • Player 1 tips the ball into the goal.
  • First pass wide
  • players moves the ball inside other attacker move outside
  • 2 options walking inside passing outside
  • indian dribble / slalom
  • give the ball small touches from FH to BH
  • Drag the ball to the left and to the right to dribble past the cones
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