Hockey drills for all skills



Goal: Improve passing. To improve finishing on goal.

Organisation: Half playing field 2 attackers (Z) â€" 1 goalkeeper Course with 1,2-ties, dribbling and finishing on goal. After each pass you have to run to get the ball back from the attacker.

Tip: Before shooting on goal, pay attention to the position of the goalkeeper!

Variations: Practise different passing moves, both anti-clockwise and clockwise.


Try to pass your opponent over his backhand side, which is also your forehand side (and accelerate, when you pass your opponent)

When the ball rolls to the left, you can get it to your forehand with your tip to the right


If the attacker passes the ball back to the support player, the support player can pass the ball to the other side of the field (move the ball).

The defender on the side of the field, where the ball is not, must always stay behind the other defender (in 6-a-side hockey).

  • The players are divided into teams of 3.
  • The game is played 3-3 on different fields.
  • Players can score in 2 goals and therefore have to defend 2 goals as well.


  • Take away a goal.
  • Each team can only score on 1 goal
  • and therefore only have to defend 1 goal.

The exercises can be played in 2 variants the variant for really beginning hockey players (this exercise can be used for a clinic for example) and the variant intended for beginning hockey players who have already been in touch with hockey.

Variation 1:

  • Player 1 plays the ball to player 2,
  • Player 2 receives the ball and passes to player 3.
  • Player 3 receives the ball and shoots at goal.
  • Player 4 tries to stop the ball with the bottom of his foot or with his stick.
  • Player 4 retrieves the ball and joins the back of the line at the starting pawn of player 1.
  • For safety's sake don't shoot on target when player 4 picks up the ball.
  • It is also possible to get the balls out of the goal later or use a break for that.
  • This is for safety reasons.

Two teams with substitutes, substitutions are made when a goal is scored.

Each person defends a goal, on each field there are 5 goals, so there are also 5 people who defend these goals.

If a goal is scored in your goal, you have to sit on the sidelines and you are changed. A new player (substitute) from the side enters the field and will defend the goal.

If a goal is scored, it is 1 point. The team with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

First 1 ball, then several balls in the field.

  • A takes the ball and runs towards the circle 
  • There stands a defender  
  • A plays the ball back to B
  • B moves the ball to C
  • If the ball is at C, the 4 against 2 starts
  • Then the defenders can take the ball.
  • Tips for the attackers:
    • Creating speed
    • Positions in the circle
    • Playing the free man
    • Daring to finish
  • Tips for the Defenders:
    • Close the pass line to the goal 
    • Let the attackers make the mistake. 
  • A starts with the ball.
  • B runs in and gets the ball from A in the run. 
  • B runs on but meets a defender and passes the ball back to A.
  • B then accelerates wide and gets the ball back from A immediately.
  • B completes his line and walks in and around the circle with a shot for goal.
  • Expanding on two sides 
  • A starts with the ball and runs wide
  • The two strikers switch positions when A starts running. 
  • One of the two gets the ball. 
  • A has to check which striker is free as there is a defender in between. 
  • Who wants to conquer the ball and move to the side. 
  • If all goes well, add an extra defender. 
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