Hockey drills for all skills

  • Player A runs towards pylon 1 or 2, whichever player B designates.
  • A runs back to his starting place.
  • Then A plays the ball to B.
  • Player B does the same


  • Run with the ball and pass the pylo, then play the ball to your fellow player.
  • Take the ball on the forehand and run to the pylon and pass.
  • At the end of the exercise run back to the beginning
  • Change sides after every turn.


  • Divide the group in two.
  • Everyone stands in his own free space.
  • You can score points by dribbling to the pylon and return to the free space, this is 1 point.
  • If you get tapped you have to go back, but it doesn't give you a point.
  • After 2 minutes the 2 taggers are replaced.
  • (first practice without ball and stick)


  • You place 11 pylons at different distances, under each pylon you put a stack of city names.
  • Each 2 tries to reach all 11 pylons as fast as possible.
  • You dribble to a pylon, take a city map and take it back with you, tap the next one and it runs to another pylon.
  • Each city you return to the trainer will be stamped on the 11 city card.
  • Who reached the 11 cities first?

    (first practice without ball and stick)


  • From the two pilons, aim (push/slide) at the inverted pilons.


  • 2 groups of 5 hoops.
  • All 5 children are standing at a hoop
  • One of the kids has the ball and starts pushing to each other.
  • Which group is the first to play the ball 3 times around (counterclockwise).
  • Of course you can also have 2 groups of 4


  • defense intercepts the ball
  • the ball is played to the right back
  • the middle right pulls in so that the flank is open
  • the back right plays the ball into the depths to the striker 
  • the striker pulls out to take the ball along the line
  • The purpose of the exercise is to make players understand that you have to step in front of your opponent
  • and the quick passing of a ball is essential in an attack
  • Have 5 attackers practice with the penalty corners
  • goalkeeper in goal
  • vary with declarers
  • different variants
  • At the end of the session, discuss 3 variants that can be used in the competition
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