Hockey drills for defense

  • The players are divided into teams of 3.
  • The game is played 3-3 on different fields.
  • Players can score in 2 goals and therefore have to defend 2 goals as well.


  • Take away a goal.
  • Each team can only score on 1 goal
  • and therefore only have to defend 1 goal.

Two teams with substitutes, substitutions are made when a goal is scored.

Each person defends a goal, on each field there are 5 goals, so there are also 5 people who defend these goals.

If a goal is scored in your goal, you have to sit on the sidelines and you are changed. A new player (substitute) from the side enters the field and will defend the goal.

If a goal is scored, it is 1 point. The team with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

First 1 ball, then several balls in the field.

  • A takes the ball and runs towards the circle 
  • There stands a defender  
  • A plays the ball back to B
  • B moves the ball to C
  • If the ball is at C, the 4 against 2 starts
  • Then the defenders can take the ball.
  • Tips for the attackers:
    • Creating speed
    • Positions in the circle
    • Playing the free man
    • Daring to finish
  • Tips for the Defenders:
    • Close the pass line to the goal 
    • Let the attackers make the mistake. 
  • A is the striker and wants to shoot at goal
  • B wants to defend the attacker and push to the other box with a jab. 
  • Tips defender:
    • Stand so that the attacker can only go to one side. 
    • Put pressure in an effective way
    • If they are in the other box, put a double with two
    • Can intercept more often to keep the pace of the game at a high level
  • Exercise on doubling your opponent
  • A 1 to 2. 
  • A is the attacker and starts with the ball and wants to score in the goal on the other side. 
  • B and C are going to double the opponent so that he cannot start scoring. 
  • Tips: 
    • Push them to the outside
    • If they are on the outside put pressure backwards



  • Orange 1 starts with a pass from the sideline to one of the builders (orange 2,3).
  • Orange defends out and scores in the goal (A) on the 23 meter line.
  • When intercepting or winning a duel by blue (1,2) they score on the big goal (2 blue against 3 orange+k).
  • Orange gives direct pressure on blue when losing the ball.
  • The exercise starts again after a goal in 1 of the 2 goals, after a maximum of 2 switch moments or when the ball is out.

Tips ball possession

  • Make the field wide.
  • Take open after scanning the space (by builders).
  • Keep depth between both lines (formation 2-1;1-1-1).

Tips non ball possession

  • Make a choice between putting direct pressure on the ball owner or letting the opponent come and reducing space.
  • Force a passing or running action to the outside (sideline).
  • As a goalkeeper, coach the rear build-up player.
  • Switching tips
  • At Ball Loss:
    • Put pressure on the ball holder.
    • Play compact and reduce space.

At Ball Profit:

  • Preferably play with the ball instead of the ball.
  • Make sure there is a quick play point in the depth.

Make it easier

  • Build up with 3 players, where the trainer gives the 1st pass to 1 of the 3 Orange players
  • Make more difficult
    • Provide an evental in players: 3 Orange (with goalkeeper) against 3 Blue (3rd player of Blue starts from the goalkeeper at 23 meters line).
  • Game with the three teams,
  • Make three equal and fair teams. 
  • A team starts as the defenders (on the picture the red one).
  • A team starts as the attackers (in the picture the blue one)
  • a team behind the 23 meter line (on the picture the white one)
  • For the defenders the intention is to pass the ball to one of the white ones in the box at the 23 meter line.
  • For the attackers the intention is to score.
    • When they have scored they get 1 point
  • For the team behind the 23 meter line, they are supposed to take the ball as the defenders take it to their pass. 
  • If the ball is with the team that is behind the 23 meter line their attacks will start.
  • The team that was attacking and the team that was defending will be in the box behind the 23 meter line. 
  • In this way, it keeps on turning. 
    • The one who gives the most points at the end wins. 
  • Tips for the attackers
  • Play the freeman when you are in possession of the ball and make sure that someone runs deep into it
  • Pass over your opponent's backhand side
  • If you are not in ball possession make sure you close the lines to the people in the box behind the 23 meter line. 
  • Tips for the defenders
  • Make sure you are defended outside the circle so that they can't pull out
  • Keeps track of your own male
  • Close the backhand side so they can't pass over it.
  • If you do have the ball look up the space and keep passing until there is a hole and you can give it to the people in the box. 
  • Further practice with half court press.
  • The goal is that they realize what to do when the ball is passed. 
  • How are we supposed to walk as a front runner. 
  • Ball starts at A 
  • The 3 defenders will stand in such a way that the line is closed and so the ball can only be passed to the sides or back out.
  • A gives the ball towards B because the line is closed. 
  • Now comes what the whole exercise is about what the 3 defenders should do now.
  • V1 slides so that it is in front of the ball so that the ball cannot be given straight forward.
  • V2 stands between the person with the ball and the ball goal line
  • V3 which dribbles to the attacker C who comes closer. V3 prevents C from getting the ball and defends on the inside. between the opponent and the goal. 
  • From here on it is a 3:3 
  • On the other hand it is exactly the same and discs the defenders the same.
  • You let them play a 3:2. Red wants to score the goal and blue wants to intercept and defend the ball.
  • When the exercise is running you can add the extra blue defender later on. 
    • This player will run a tackle back. 
    • He is allowed to run when the first ball is played.
  • Instructions you can give to the attackers
    • Ball should always be able to go back, 
    • Create speed and keep it in your attack,
    • someone makes depth so that you keep the field long, pass the ball into the forehand of your fellow player, 
    • Pass the ball over the opponent's backhand side.
  • Questions you can ask the attackers
    • What is the purpose of the exercise? 
  • How can you reach the goal and what do you have to do for it? 
    • What is the task of which player with which pilon?
    • Which pass technique is best to use?
  • Instructions you can give to the defenders
    • Slow down your opponent by pushing them outward, 
    • You don't have to take the ball right away but wait for the opponent to make a mistake, 
    • The line must always be tight
  • Questions you can ask the defenders
    • What is the purpose of this exercise for you?
    • How can you reach the goal and what do you have to do to achieve it? 
    • What is the most important task you have within this exercise?
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