Korfball drills for all skills



  • Who cracks the 4-digit code?
  • As soon as they have completed a task, they may enter a number on their code sheet.
  • After 4 digits it is indicated how many numbers are in the right place and how many numbers are correct.
  • Player goes into pump-up position, with the ball in front of him.
  • Player leans on his left or right arm, with the other arm he will spin the ball around his supported arm, so 15, 20, 25,...depending on how good the player's condition is....
  • Diamond shape with pawns.
  • Make several runs and pass in the meantime.
  • Push off very important

You will play matches with even numbers, but instead of earning points by scoring, you can also earn points by catching the ball.

  • Goal is worth 1 point
  • Catching the ball after a shot(rebounding) 2 points

(3:1) There is play. There are always 4 of the 5 positions filled. So everybody has to keep moving. There are no 3 persons next to each other etc.running-lines

2 minutes on call move to piledriver (tap). At the call of the trainer "Shot" the player starts to shoot (in movement). When the trainer calls another colour, the shooting stops. (Part of the exercise is without throwing the ball as in the picture).


  • Make groups of 3 to 4 cows.
  • Start at the side and stop at the other side.
  • Number 1 throws to 2,
  • 2 to 3
  • and 3 to 1 again.
  • Always about 3 mtr and kk are instructed to use diagonal running lines.
    • Pay attention to throw for the lady and show the hand which has to be thrown.
  • Number of times without opponent and then with opponents.
  • You get one point for reaching the line.
  • When the ball is intercepted, everyone stands on the same height as the player with the ball and then they can start.
  • Make a square around the basket with two people in front and two in the back (in a triple team, one person in the back).
  • Play around the basket.
  • As soon as the ball is played from the front to the back, the thrower immediately fills in the rebound.
  • In front the vacant spot is filled in by the other player who was in front.
  • He now receives the ball from behind and shoots.
  • Number 1 is going to take penalties until 10 have been scored.
  • In the meantime number 2 does running exercises.
  • As soon as number 1 has scored 10, there is a change of function.