Korfball drills for all skills

  • 4 different coloured pawns around the basket,
  • One stands in front of a pawn, the other stands under the basket with a ball.
  • The leader calls out the colours in order, then you have to run in that order and shoot at the last colour.
  • If you score first you get 1 point. Who is the first to get 5 points?
  • Then change.
  • You make 2 teams and you play with them butter cheese and eggs.
  • You have to put a ribbon with your color on the caps who has three in a row first wins.
  • If you are out of ribbons you can move your own color.

  • The exercise is in pairs.
  • Attacker picks out a line from where he thinks he will score the most goals.
  • He always takes his shots from this line.
  • After a shot, he runs from the line to another line about 45 degrees away.
  • After the rebounder takes the ball, the attacker may immediately return to his own chosen line.
  • Ball caught = immediately back.
  • Who will score the most goals in a minute and a half?
  • 2 persons with ball on the ground and
  • 1 attacker
  • 2 persons follow instructions head shoulder knee head toe ball,
    • as soon as the word ball arrives, both players go for the ball as fast as possible.
  • The fastest is the attacker and passes to the support and goes after it for the pass ball.
  • The other is going to defend
  • 3 baskets
  • 1 attacker
  • 2 defenders
  • And per basket one attacker with ball
  • Score as many goals as possible within 1 minute


  • Who cracks the 4-digit code?
  • As soon as they have completed a task, they may enter a number on their code sheet.
  • After 4 digits it is indicated how many numbers are in the right place and how many numbers are correct.
  • Player goes into pump-up position, with the ball in front of him.
  • Player leans on his left or right arm, with the other arm he will spin the ball around his supported arm, so 15, 20, 25,...depending on how good the player's condition is....
  • Diamond shape with pawns.
  • Make several runs and pass in the meantime.
  • Push off very important

You will play matches with even numbers, but instead of earning points by scoring, you can also earn points by catching the ball.

  • Goal is worth 1 point
  • Catching the ball after a shot(rebounding) 2 points
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