Korfball drills for all skills



  • How should I run to get the ball from defense to offense?
  • How to set up an attack?
  • Coaching each other.


  • Throwing deep balls.
  • Throwing bigger distance.
  • Dealing with opponents who are taller.

  • You put 4 cones at 8 meters distance from each other.
  • You sprint from the starting line to pawn 1 and do 5 burpees.
  • Then you sprint back to the starting line and do 5 squats.
  • Then you sprint from the starting line to pawn 2 and do lunges back to the starting line.
  • Then you sprint from the starting line to pawn 3 and do 10 abdominals.
  • Then you sprint back to the starting line and do 5 squats.
  • Then sprint from the starting line to pawn 4 and tap the ground and jump up and stretch all the way. Do this 5 times.

We do this exercise 3 times.

  • Bringing the ball up from the defensive box to the attacking box.
  • Set up a quick attack.
  • Good passing.
  • Standard passes.
  • Shots from certain distances.
  • A player starts under the basket with the ball.
  • Another player moves in front from left to right or right to left.
  • The player with the ball throws to the other player.
  • The player who threw the ball goes forward and gets the ball from the other player.
  • The player who has the ball now shoots and the other catches it from space.
  • This way you start all over again.

We are going to explain again what exactly the rules and progression of 8x8 is!
- 2x 12,5 minutes and then switch from offense to defense or from defense to offense.
- Stay in your section and do not run to the attack or defence.

Make two sections and let the leader Kyra do her job. Just like a match. And then explain some extra things about being a captain.
- Go to the referee after the match to thank him for blowing the whistle.
- After the whistle, walk to the halfway line and shake hands with the other captain, the coach of the other team and the referee and wish them a good game.
- Choose the side to attack.
- How to warm up and shoot.
- Steering the team to set everything up.

And finally we will play a game!

Two cones and a pole in a triangle.

  • Player 1 throws to player 2 opposite him and runs after the ball.
  • Player 2 throws the ball to player 3 at the pole.
  • Player 2 takes a runthrough.


  • You make a box,
    • in which stands an attacker,
    • The attacker must keep moving in the box while a defender runs alongside.
    • 1 person always plays the ball.
    • The defender looks at the ball and tries to catch it.
    • Every time the attacker catches the ball, someone else comes into the box.
    • When the defender catches the ball, he throws it back and you try again.
  • Place 3 baskets alongside each other and divide the group between those baskets.
  • Explain what you have to do at each basket, for example:
    • distance shots
    • deflections
    • short chance

Do this for e.g. 2 minutes per basket, the player who has scored the most will be rewarded with a game to choose from.

  • Set up 3 posts in a triangle at the edge of the field, under each post a person who supplies the ball without it.
  • At a good distance from the post you place a pawn and the rest of the players with the ball are placed near the pawn.
  • You throw the ball to the middle basket and make a run through on this post.
  • The person who throws in catches the ball.
  • The catcher throws the ball after 1 of the 2 korfballs (free basket) and also takes a run through here.

To be adapted by:

  • 1st post pass
  • 2nd pole in/out shot

  • 1st post short chance passer
  • 2nd pole wide run shot


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