Korfball drills for all skills

  • 5 shots on the wide line
  • 10 through balls
  • 10 pull-aways



Lines with wurmpies

Walking lunge

3 push-ups per line





Rotating planks

1 arm 1 leg stretched planks

With ball abs (2 pairs)

10 push-ups

Squads with jump

Squads against the wall

Support on the side

90 degrees posture


Knee to the bank

Backward presses

On and off the bench


You work in pairs, per basket.
These pairs shoot 2 in pairs (1 per person).
When they are finished on that pole, they run to the next pole and score 2 more.
It may be that another duo is also busy on that pole, it doesn't matter. Both shoot then.

Who is the first to hit all the poles?

Pairs, running around the circle of pawns.

  • When you hear a 'YES' you try to pass the ball as fast as possible.
  • Then the other runs around the circle.
  • At a series of 4, the pair has a point.

Go up to three points.

  • All 4 corners are occupied, ball starts left.
  • Turn around once, when ball is back with 1st player, player 3 goes for support.
  • Ball goes inside, player 4 resolves (rebound).
  • Player 1 crosses with player 2 and player 1 makes a shot.
  • Player 2 stays in motion and takes a short chance, after which player 1 finishes with a through ball.

It is important that the rebound does not take too long, that the crossing is tight and the passing is good.

2 men and 2 women per pole.
Under the post, one is the defending side and one is the attacking side.

  • The offensive side takes the catching position, the defensive side tries to rebound.
  • The two people in front take turns shooting.
  • The rebounders change positions every shot.
  • Whoever gets 3 rebounds first gets a point.
  • Then switch roles (shooters<>rebounders).

Who gets 5 points first?


Poles in a circle around the centre spot, about 10 metres away (reasonable walking distance).
Under each pole, 1 person with ball.
Rest in the middle.

  • On a free post take a walkthrough ball.
  • Every 3 goals you change places at the basket.
  • After each walkthrough, return to the middle.
  • If necessary, vary with substitutions/short chances, etc.

Divide the total group into equal teams of 2, 3 or 4
.Each team has 1 pole as their "Home Base".

  • We start with 1 ball.
  • Teams will attack each other's baskets.
  • If a basket is scored on, that team is out.
  • Continue until there is only one basket left. They win this game.
  • At will put extra balls in the game for tempo.
  • At pawn 1
    • touch the groundtap the ground, jump up and stretch all the way. We do this ten times.
  • Pole 1
    • Then you take a dodge at pole 1.
    • RUN TO POLE 2.
  • Pole 2
    • 5 sit ups.
    • RUN TO POLE 2.
  • Pole 2
    • Take a run through at pole 2.
  • We do this 5 times
  • but each time change under the pole.