Korfball drills for all skills


  • Shelf
  • Bridge
  • Superman
  • Sit up with ball
  • Catch on 1 leg
  • The exercise is done in pairs.
  • For every pair there is a basket in a circle/square.
  • With a group of 16 players, there are 8 baskets in a square/round/oval formation.
  • Each pair has 1 ball. The aim of the game is to score twice on all the baskets.
  • Each pair starts at its own basket. Shooter 1 is going to score a goal, as soon as a goal is scored, the players change and shooter 2 starts shooting.
  • When 2 has also scored, the pair moves to the basket, regardless of whether the pair is still playing there or not.
  • At this basket, shooter 1 starts again and tries to score a goal as fast as possible.
  • As soon as he or she scores, the players swap places and shooter 2 starts shooting again.
  • When he has also scored, the pair moves on to the next basket.
  • The exercise continues until each pair has returned to its own basket.
  • It may happen that three pairs are working at a basket and two baskets are empty.
  • This is not a problem, the players just have to be careful with where they throw.


A pole with a hat behind it about 2 meters away.

  • There are two people standing near the hat,
    • an attacker and a defender.
  • Under the basket is a declarer and in front of the basket is a shooter.
  • The attacker has to make sure that he blocks the defender from the hat.
  • The archer keeps on shooting (indicated by the declarer) until the defender catches the ball, then the ball is exchanged.


Three poles in a triangle from each other. On the left of each pole a hat and in the middle a hat. Under each pole one person with ball. The rest by the hat in the middle.


Run from the middle to a hat. There you receive the ball from the passer, play it back and make a run through. The person who runs through stands under the post and the bitch goes to the middle to turn.

  • There are all groups of 2 made.
  • The groups get per pair a ball and have to throw the ball over.
  • When they do this, they have to run around the pole, so they are not allowed to pass the ball while standing still.
  • Running doesn't matter in this exercise.
  • Running is jogging, and they have to keep an eye on their partner.
  • The group is divided over the poles in groups of 2 or 3.
  • Practicing shooting
    • Which group at a distance of 5 meter will be first to score 6 times.
  • Practicing with dunkers
    • Which group will be first to score 12 passes.
  • Practicing with short chances
    • Which group will be first to score 9 short chances.
  • Practicing penalty throw under hands
    • Which group will be first to score 12 penalty shots under hands.


  • We have poles, cones or caps placed 8 metres apart in a square.
  • The team divides itself over the poles, cones or caps.
  • Then they sprint 100% for a few seconds.
  • They start with:
    • Sprint for 15 seconds.
    • Rest 1 minute.
    • Sprint for 30 seconds.
    • 1 minute rest
    • 45 second sprint.
    • Rest 1 minute.
    • Sprint for 60 seconds.
    • Rest 1 minute.
    • Sprint for 75 seconds.
    • Rest one minute.
    • Sprint for 60 seconds.
    • Rest one minute.
    • 45 seconds of sprinting.
    • Rest 1 minute.
    • 30 seconds sprint.
    • Rest 1 minute.
    • Sprint for 15 seconds.
    • END
  • Suicide runs are short sprints meant to improve speed, strength and agility.
  • To do a suicide run on a field you lay down four markers.
  • See for yourself which distances you use/need.
  • Then you tap the first line, run back to the starting point, tap the second line, run back to the starting point etc.
  • When you have tapped all four lines you will have a korfball pole at the end of the suicide run where you have to take a penalty throw.
  • You can also choose something else.
  • Oo you can also choose to run them backwards.
  • Divide the people into three groups.


  • the chaos game is fun for younger children, but can also be played with older children.

  • At the Chaos game the goal is that each child has a ball, and that there are 3 or 4 poles (also depending on the number of players)
  • in a row.
  • Each player starts at the same pole,
  • There is a countdown and then they all start shooting,
  • If they score, they may move one pole,
  • If they don't score, they remain at the post until they have scored.
  • You can decide beforehand whether they should pass each pole 1, 2 or 3 times, depending on the level.
  • Variation: you can use cones to mark a circle outside which the players have to shoot,
  • They are only allowed to enter the circle to catch the ball.
  • The materials below are for 4 people (hat = pawn)


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