Korfball drills for condition / strength

  • 1 player stands at pilon 1, 
  • 1 player stands at pilon 2.
  • Person 2 chooses whether to sprint to pilon 3 or pilon 4. 
  • Person 1 stands with his back to person 2. 
  • As soon as he/she sees that person 2 has made a choice, he/she tries to tap person 2 before he/she has touched pilon 3 or 4.
  • There are 4 pilons in front of the post. 
  • 2 pilons of the same colour
  • These pilons are in a square. 
  • 1 player is under the post and 2 players are between the pilons. 
  • The 2 players between the pilons start with a light dribble towards the post.  
  • The player under the post names the colour of 1 of the 2 colours of pilons. 
  • The following actions are possible:
    1. The players run to the back 2 pilons turn around and sprint to the post and the first one takes a through ball. 
    2. The players run to the first two pilons and tap them and run back to the post and the first one takes a through ball.
  • groups of 3 at a post. 
  • 1 fixed passer. 
  • 2 shooters. 
  • These keep moving at about 5 - 6 meters from the post. 
  • Trying a shot must always be tuned to capturing it again. 
  • The time between capture and goal attempt must always be as short as possible. 
  • There are always 2 different types of goal attempts and the goalkeepers always take the same type of goal attempt.
  • 1 through-ballplayer and 1 defector. (change at 5 scores pp)
  • 1 defector and 1 chance behind post (change at 5 scores)

  • 1 shooter in front of the post. 1 passer. 
  • Possibly with slight defensive pressure. 
  • Attacker moves left/right, gets the ball played and shoots (+-5 meters). 
  • When he scores, he earns a point and shoots through, if he misses he must first run to a line behind him at about 5 metres from the place of shooting. 
  • After this you can continue shooting. 
  • Switch goals every 3/4 of the time. 
  • Total 8/9 goals per post. (It depends on whether you play with or without a defender).
  • Place the poles in a row next to each other.
  • Underneath each post there will be a marker with a ball.
  • The players take a through-ball on the first post after which they catch their own ball.
  • The passer then runs to the front of the next post, moves on and takes a through-ball on this post.
  • Here, the ball is caught again and the captain moves on to the next post.
  • At the last pole, the passer runs behind the posts back to the first pole.
  • Work towards a number of goals (2 times the number of poles is fine).
  • This can also be done with other forms of chances such as drawback balls.
  • You put pilons in a square. 
  • In the square you put a number of balls (one less than the number of players). 
  • The players run around the square and then the trainer yells YES. 
  • If the trainer says YES, the player takes a ball as quickly as possible. 
  • If you have a ball, you score 3 goals. 
  • The remaining player continues to run around the square until someone finishes shooting. 
  • 2 groups at pilons, 
  • Run to the hoop. 
  • Through the hoops and run to the pilons. 
  • Zigzag through the pilons. 
  • Finally shoot ( 2 attempts). 
  • Whoever scores 5 times first, wins
  • Place 4 posts in a square.
  • The whole group runs around the posts in a row. 
  • If the trainer shouts "yes", the person at the back of the row will run to the front of the row as quickly as possible. 
  • The children do this by sprinting.
  • Options:
    • The children follow each other around the posts in a row. 
    • The person at the front of the row can do what he wants, for example: heels to the back, sprinting, lifting knees etc. 
    • If the trainer shouts "yes", the person at the back of the queue gets to the front of the queue as soon as possible and can then choose what he wants to do. 
    • It has to be something else than running/jogging, it can be sprinting. 
  • Per group of 2, each player has to score.
  • When both score, move to the left to the next post, regardless of whether the two next to you have already scored. 
  • Which group will be the first group to return to his own post and score again.
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