Korfball drills for condition / strength

  • Blue plays from under the post to the red player in front of the post.
  • The red player puts the ball on the ground and sprints to the right.
  • Blue sprints to the ball and picks it up.
  • Red makes a breakthrough move, but doesn't follow through and deflects.
  • Blue plays the ball, red shoots and white catches the ball.
  • score together 15 times
  • Ladder exercise with run through ball
    • 1 foot in the ladder, 1 foot next to it, as fast as possible through the ladder and score 15 times
    • Sideways through the ladder with two feet in each compartment, 15 x scoring, easy pace
    • Start left of the ladder on left leg. Hop on right leg into the ladder and then next to it. Then with left leg into the ladder and next to it, then with right leg again and finish with a through ball. Do this quietly (strengthen ankle joint)
  • Ladder exercise without ball
    • With two feet in each rung, so small steps as fast as possible(5x per person)
    • Skating over the ladder from the left side outside the ladder to the right side outside the ladder.
    • 10 short sprints along the ladder with the ball. (as fast as possible)
  • In the 1:1 you try to score 2x in 1 minute.
  • The defender makes choices which ball she defends.
  • The attacker and the passer play this out together.
  • attack, defend and pass each 3x 1 minute.
  • Set up six baskets in two lines of three.
  • Under each basket, a fixed declarer.
  • The other players stand on the sideline across the first line of baskets.
  • The other players take a walk-through ball on the side of the first three baskets.
  • Followed by a ball in front of, behind and in front of the basket on the next baskets. (See diagram).
  • Then all players do the same round, reversed and back again, after which they exchange players and do another round back and forth.

  • Variant on shot movement triangle
    • Instead of a shot
    • Start rebounding away for a short chance
    • Front player remains in play-off position
    • Indicates position of rebound (1/5)
  • Variant 2:
    • Frontline player runs one back (space)
    • Ball diagonal and throwing player comes next to it
  • Per pair both score 2 times on 4/5 meter then to the next pole (can overtake each other).
    • Team that is first back to their own basket wins.
  • Idem db 4 per person (PP)
  • Idem 4 dots pp, wrong is start counting again at 0
  • Shot pp from pylon (distance), score 3, is get pylon in the middle.
    • Are they gone, you may take them away from another, until you have 5 as a pole.
  • Set up six baskets.
  • Under each basket, a regular player with the ball, the other players at the centre spot.

  1. Other players make two through balls on each basket. After the round, change leaders, then another round.
  2. On each basket, make one fly ball to the left. After the round, change helpers, then another round.
  3. On each basket, make one fly ball to the right. After the round, switch players, then another round.


  1. Number 1 in front of the basket (6 meters),
  2. Number 2 with ball under the basket. 1 pawn left or right of the basket at about 4 to 6 metres.
  3. Number 2 throws the ball to number 1.
  4. Number 1 puts the ball on the ground and runs to the pawn and around it towards the basket.
  5. In the meantime, number 1 runs to the ball on the ground and passes it to number 2 for a deep pass.
  6. This is repeated until 8 balls have been made.

  • The pace is important:
    • The runners may not stand still, but you may not run too slowly.
    • The timing of the passing must be correct.


  1. Number 1 with the ball starts in front of the basket.
  2. Number 2 stands left or right in front of the basket.
  3. Number 1 throws to number 2 and then pulls away to the side where number 2 is not standing.
    • So number 2 is on the left side of the basket, number 1 walks to the right side of the basket.
  4. Number 2 throws the ball to number 1, after which number 1 shoots.
  5. Number 1 must catch his own ball.
  6. During the shot of number 1, number 2 sprints to the pawn, which is on a random spot on the field.
    • Place on the pitch depends on the child's level.
  7. If number 1 hits the ball, he/she gets one point, if number 1 catches the ball before number 2 reaches the cone, number 1 also gets one point.
    • so possibility of getting 2 points
  8. Change function.

  • The first to get 6 points wins (variation possible).
  • Is the sprinting too easy: add an extra pawn, which increases the sprint distance and for example makes a fast turn.

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