Korfball drills for defense

1 attacker, 1 defender and 2 assistants.
  • As assistants, try to pass as many balls as possible under the basket or next to the attacker without allowing the defender to interfere with the passing.
  • Keep eye contact.
  • Pass the attacker freely by directing non-verbally or verbally.
  • Keep the ball up high to be able to play faster and better.
  • Swap after 4 good chances.

Sponsors may also pass the ball between themselves to free the attacker.
The aim is always to play within shooting distance, so that every pass or action is targeted.
Per 6 at the basket:
  • 2 attackers with one defender each and 2 free attackers.
  • The attackers must try to get the ball into the basket.
  • This may only be done by an attacker with a defender.
  • After the attacker has stood up, the other attackers may go for the shot + 2nd chance.
  • How do I take away the support line?
  • What is the correct way to do this?

  • 4 posts in a square.
  • 4 attackers.
  • 1 attacker.
  • 3 defenders.
  • The attacker must find the free post.
  • The defenders must therefore make it as difficult as possible and communicate.
  • Variants:
    • Only through balls.
    • Only shots.
    • x number of goals etc.
  • 2 posts, under each post there is 1 declarator.
  • In the middle stands an attacker and a defender.
  • Attacker can score on both posts.
  • Player 1 starts at 6 meters from the basket.
  • Player 2 stands between player 1 and the basket at 2 metres from player 1.
  • Player 1 starts running for a through ball.
  • Player 2 has to prevent the through ball.
  • So player 2 must bend his knees to be able to move immediately.
  • Also, the player must move immediately when player 1 starts to run.
  • If this is not done, you are too late and you will never catch up with player 1.
  • The goal is to prevent the walkthrough ball.


Set up attacks in overtime situations


  • Make sure the offense always has 1 more person than the defense (3-2, 4-3, 4-2 etc.)
  • Gives the offense a task:
    • E.g. score within 5 passes, score after setting up an action, score from the rebound.
  • Gives the defense a task:
    • E.g. intercept the ball within 5 passes, defend in front.
  • Decide if you can go for a defensive goal.
  • Indicate with cones where the lines are.
  • Agree when offense switches with defense:
    • After X minutes, after X goals, after X interceptions.
  • Play 4:4 and defend 1 on 1, trying to see as many fellow players as possible.
  • When there is a shot you join the steal.
  • In the game you take care of the catch and try to double through the outlet support.
  • Run into the free space for a through ball.
  • 2 baskets opposite each other at about 10 meters.
  • Start with 3 against 3 or 4 against 4.
  • Depending on the numbers.
  • Task is for the defenders.
  • Try to intercept the ball.
  • No counter play is allowed.
    • Swap when one of the teams has intercepted 5 times the ball.
    • Play on time and which team has the most interceptions.


  • Earn a point by catching the ball over the line.


  • A party starts from behind the line with the ball.
  • Intercepted ball is ball first to your own line and then to the other side for a point.
  • Balls out count.
  • When a point is gained, the opponent gets the ball from there.

Points of attention:

  • For defending.
  • Play on the side by moving on one leg.
  • Play at tempo.
  • Watch each other and your opponents place.

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