Korfball drills for


  • Per 2 or 3 players.
  • Timing is important.
  • Work with fixed function.

  • Per 3 players:
    • Player Blue is the declarer/ rebounder.
    • Player Red takes a through ball.
    • Player White makes sure that at the right moment, after the rebound the action for the shot is started.
      • Step away in time or swerve from the opponent.
    • Then the player Red, who has dodged away again, also drops in at the right moment.
    • Change after 10 actions of the shooters.
      • Runner goes to rebound.
      • Shooter goes through,
      • Rebounder becomes shooter.
      • Each 2x all functions.

  • Per 2 players:
    • Taker catches the ball.
    • Operator keeps moving and after the catch makes a fierce move to get free for the shot.
    • After catch, the ball is passed to the shooter again and the player under the basket goes out again.
    • Ball is played to the off shooter who plays the ball right back and goes in for the through ball.
    • Change functions after 10 chances - 2x.
  • Pairs walk around and play ball over: one hand catch and throw.
  • Repeat but with wrong hand.
  • Twosome; A walks from left to right B throws the ball accurately into the circle; after 1 minute change.
  • Same but A now turns away to the right at the end; is a good coordination exercise.
  • Twosome; players start next to each other; A runs away and gets the ball in the barrel; throws back with turning jump; on the way back A gets the ball again and plays off with two hands; after 1 minute change.


Player 1 places the ball to player 2 and runs to the post for the catch.

Just before taking that position, the player feints and steps out to the back/side or forward. 
If the player steps to the back/side, he gets the ball and shoots. Steps forward, gets the ball and plays it right back, allowing the 2nd player to shoot.

The catch in these cases is completed from space by two others.

Two poles at > 10m; two balls; under each post 3 players; player 1 to the right of the basket, players 2 and 3 to the left: other post idem 4 to the right 5 and 6 to the left.

As a warm up first with low intensity. Then increase the intensity. With pairs you are the first one after the shot. Pay attention.
  1. Player 1 moves the ball across to 5 and passes it to the other side; keep score up to x. 5 catches the ball and moves to the right of the basket etc.
  2. Ditto players turn half way whole round around each other. Then through ball
  3. Ditto with away ball
  4. Announcer pulls away to the right. Shooter too. So long passes. Forward rushes back to catch.
  • Run over two hurdles and then make a through ball 10x overhand, 10x underhand and 10x with 1 hand.
  • Start on the left side of the hurdle and move to the right behind the hurdle, then move forward and back to the left, then move forward and quarter to the right score 10x.
  • Then do this the other way around; score 10x
  • Put the hurdles 5 meters apart, move to the left, jump over the hurdle and get the ball at the same time, come down, jump up and shoot at the same time, then to the right score 20x .
Play 2 against 2 on 1 basket

Difficulty of this task is that there are few options to work towards a chance.
Free running and passing are therefore of utmost importance.
Let the players help think about what the best options are.

The attackers stay in the field of play and play until a goal is scored or an interception is made.
Ball out of the field of play is also an interception.

Because of the high intensity, build in some more rest.




Versatile match exercise 4 against 4

  • Make 2 teams of 4 players maximum.
    If you have more players than 8, make 2 pairs and change quickly after each or after 2 goals.
  • Team 1 starts attacking at 1 basket, team 2 defends. 
    If team 1 scores, they may continue attacking, but start again at the starting pawn. 
    If team 2 intercepts the ball they have 1 shot opportunity to try to score on basket 2 or 3.
    If the defence scores after 1 shot, they become the new offence team and may start at the starting pawn, to attack basket 1.

  • Which team has scored the 5 goals first? You can vary this.
  • Change when there are more than 8 players: after 1 or 2 goals quickly change.
  • This exercise is designed to let the players choose for themselves what they want to improve on.
  • Which (improvement) goal, which they have set for themselves, do they want to improve here.
  • As a trainer you can steer this by guiding the choice.
  • For example: the exercise must have something to do with passing/shooting/attacking/looking etc.


Try, as attackers, together with the assisting player, to free up each other and to get a good shot in as few passes as possible. The key in this exercise is in the assist to the chance. When and who do you play?

Mark out a 7 meter playing area around the basket:

  1. The attackers remain inside the field of play.
  2. The assistant player remains outside the field of play.
  3. The attackers may shoot defensively.
  4. The substitution takes place after 3 goals for the attackers or 3 interceptions (incl. rebound).
  5. After each interception or goal, the new attack starts with the assistant.

Too difficult to give assist to attackers:
  • Space: The playing field can be reduced.
  • Goals: the game can be played on 2 baskets, with an assist player under each basket. The changeover after an interception offers opportunities for the assist.

Too easy to give assist to attackers:
  • Playing rule: The attackers only get 3 passes to create an opportunity. Defensively, no shots are allowed.
  • Players: more attackers can be played with a direct defender. More players means more choices.


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