Korfball drills for shoot / score / shot

  • through ball round (change after 20 total scored)
  • rotating
  • pass from the space
  • varied passing
  • with defence
  • 2 catchers/forwarders/
  • 1 attack/
  • 1 defender pass in game-form on shot or pass
  • 2 competitive catchers/
  • 1 attack/
  • 1 defender up to 10 completed goal attempts, then change.

  • After catching the ball, bring it to the 'midline' in min.
  • After catching the ball, make 4 throws to the 'midline' and use tactics for defense and disrupting the attack.
  • change after 3 successful actions

  • shot from standstill
  • shot from motion
  • score count/time

  • In pairs you take turns shooting from a stand of about 6-8 metres.
  • You shoot 3x per turn, at least 1 must be hit, otherwise you walk 3x around the basket from the shot point.
  • Who is the first to score 10 times.
  • The one who does this in the fewest turns is the winner.
    • NB You can also use this exercise to test if there is progress in the shot percentage.

In short:

  • Shooting exercise (-game) in which shots are made from different sides of the basket.


  • Per basket one pair with one ball, or in case of lack of sufficient baskets 2 pairs with one ball each.
  • At each basket, four pawns or other markers:
  • 1 in front of and 1 behind the basket and 1 to the left and 1 to the right of the basket, always at about 6 metres distance.
  • One of each pair starts under the basket.
  • The other one's task is to score a goal as quickly as possible from each cone.
  • After that, they will switch functions.
  • Which pair will be quickest to complete their 'journey around the world'?


  • The distances can be made larger or smaller. Or: score 2 goals with each pawn.


  • Instead of shooting from standstill, you can also shoot from movement, or simply: take evasive balls.
  • You are all in a row, the first 2 people get a ball.
  • The intention is that the 2nd person in the row score earlier than the first stood.
  • If that happens, the person who scored may join at the back and the person who lost may sit on the side.
  • Does number 1 score first, he/she joins the back and gives the ball to the next person in line
  • then he/she is number 2 and the one who was already busy becomes number 1
  • The aim of the game is to be the first to write down the numbers from 1 to 100.
  • Two players play against each other.
  • The first one to score 2 goals
    • The trainer chooses which way to start writing.
  • The trainer chooses which way he wants to play.
  • The other player scores 2 small chances in the meantime.
  • The other player scores 2 small chances. If he/she succeeds, he/she calls STOP and takes the pencil or pen and also writes down the numbers from 1 to 100 on his/her piece of paper.
  • The other person will now take small chances.
  • This continues until someone reaches 100.
  • Who of the two wins?
  • This can also be done with a shot from 3 metres or in threes with passing balls.
  • Each player shoots from behind the basket at 3 meters.
  • We work in threes.
  • You try to make a series as high as possible.
  • For each team there is a pawn on the line, the number of goal of the series may this pawn with large steps forward (without jumping).
  • Which group is first to the other side and back with its pawn.