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Soccer drills for

Practice on positional play, passing and finishing L + RStipple line
are the running moves, full lines are the pass lines.
Cones are defenders.
Player b finishes, if cross is too low or too soft, player c can finish.
Timing, clean passing and position are essential.

a to b, b to c, c to d, d takes ball from b and joins on the other side.

Right side starts when cross is given to left, and vice versa.

drawing Flank attack with finishing
  1. A frees himself from behind jar and passes to B.
  2. B runs with ball through both gates towards goal line, meanwhile A runs through gate right to center, just before penalty area.
  3. B passes to A through gate.
  4. A finishes.
B retrieves ball and joins at red side; A becomes red B - and vice versa. 
Alternating Blue and Red side; Red starts when slant pass Blue is given.
drawing Flank attack with float and finish
It is a 1 against 1 exercise where the defending blue side plays the ball in to the attacking red side and the latter thus looks for a 1 against 1. Blue has the task of defending 2 goals.

  • When you have gone, you switch sides
  • Score over the center line
  • If the defender has the ball or shoots, it is finished
Points of attention
  • Let the attacker pace and use body movements
  • Let the defender defend forward
drawing 1 vs.
2 vs. 1 played at high tempo. The defender blue plays into the attackers red and so the 2 v 1 begins.

Points of attention:
  • Attackers moving around a lot
  • Defenders in good position
  • Attackers make speed
drawing 2 vs.
A 1 vs. 1 exercise in which the defending red team plays the ball in to the attacking blue team.
  • When the attacking blue side has the ball, it looks for a 1 vs. 1 with the player from team red.
  • If either team scores, both players switch sides so player red goes to blue and player blue goes to red.
  • It may be that a red player takes the ball away. In that case, they may score on team blue's small goal.
  • Team blue must score on a big goal that also has a goalkeeper.
  • The players keep track of their own points and the three who finish last do 10 push ups.
Game rules:
  • Ball out are 2 new players.
  • If the goalkeeper catches the ball, it is play on so it is a 2 against 1 situation.
  • Goal is also 2 new players.
Points of attention:
  • Make sure the attackers dribble in at a high pace.
  • Make sure the defenders defend forward.
  • Make sure the defenders have a good stance.
drawing 1 vs.
The purpose of this exercise is to play out of overtime.
  1. The 2 defenders of team red play the ball diagonally to a player of team blue.
  2. Then it is a matter of scoring and making sure they play out the overtal.
The teams just stay put and you have them switch sides after 6 minutes.
If the red team takes the ball away, they can score on a little goaltending by team blue.

Rules of play.
  • Ball out is switch.
  • Keeper the ball is play on.
  • Scoring is switching.
Points of Attention
  • Have the defenders defend on a line.
  • Let the attackers make runs.
  • Play the ball around at a high pace.
  • If they can shoot, they should shoot.
drawing Playing off overtime
Distances: compartments 3 by 3 meters.

  • Everyone stays in their box.
  • Red is going to try to score by shooting the ball into one of the goals.
  • The defender opposite the player with the ball steps toward him then to put pressure on the ball.
  • The other defenders step in to shield the pass line.
Harder: make boxes smaller than 3 x 3 meters.
Easier: make boxes larger than 3 x 3 meters.
drawing Zone defense
  • This 1 vs. 1 exercise begins when the players have run around half the field.
  • They must first go around the hat in the corner and then pass behind the goalie to start the 1 v 1.
  • The attackers - red - pick up a ball when they have passed behind the goalkeeper and go on the attack.
Points of attention
- Pay attention to the attitude of the defenders.
- Make sure the attackers have pace.
- Don't make it too complicated. So one action on pace and score.

- Score over center line.
- If the player has been then switch sides.
drawing condition 1 against 1
  • Put two small goals on the edge of center circle facing each other.
  • Make 2 teams with the same number of players.
  • These line up next to the goals.
  • The players choose a number from 1 to 5. With more than 10 players more numbers.
  1. The coach passes the ball to the center and calls out a number.
  2. From each team, the players with the called number play one against one on the goals.
  3. After a while they choose a new number.
drawing 1 vs. 1 center circle
Distance: to the goal 16 meters
Size of squares: 3 by 3.

The defenders try to make it impossible for the attackers to score by shielding the pass lines.
Again, the defender, who has the attacker in front of him, presses with the ball and the rest squeezes in.
The attackers try to get the ball into the 16 to finish.

Rules of play:
  • The defenders are not allowed in the attackers' box!!!
  • The attackers are allowed into the defenders' box to receive the stabbing ball.
  • Once the ball is in the 16, the attackers may score. The defenders may also defend there!!!
  • Goalkeeper is free in the 16 to intervene.
  • Goal attempt over. Then the attackers become defenders and the defenders get the ball and then join behind as new attackers.
If the attackers cannot get into the 16, you can make it easier for them by making the boxes 1 meter wider.
drawing Zone defense rounding
  • Pawns at 16 width 5 meters.
  • Pawns underneath at 10 meters.
  • Pawns side 3 meters from the 16 and 5 meters down.
  • A stands 10 meters from the pawns.
  1. A plays the ball to the incoming B and immediately runs himself to the side past the defender.
  2. B drops the ball on A and goes to his starting position.
  3. As soon as B drops the ball, C starts running to pass the back.
  4. A plays the ball in the run along to C.
  5. C crosses past the last man and then puts the ball back to B.
  6. B rounds off.
  7. A becomes B, B becomes C and C retrieves the ball and connects behind and then through the other side
Coach moment:
A after pass immediately run through.
B get loose to ask for ball then immediately take position.
C at right time start not too deep because then too close to CV.
drawing Finish side
  • Big pawns outside 16 stand 3 meters outside it.
  • Player C 10 meters outside the 16.
  • Distance C and B is 10 meters.
  • Distance B and A is 5 meters.
  • Large pawns are opponents.
  1. A plays into B.
  2. B turns away from the opponent inside and crosses the ball between the defenders into C's running line.
  3. C rounds off.
  4. A becomes B. B becomes C. C retrieves the ball and closes in behind.
  5. Then the other side starts.
Coach moment: C not to leave too early otherwise offside also pay attention to this as a coach. Do not leave too late or the goalkeeper will pick up the ball.

drawing Finishing pitch ball