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  • Field 20 meters long, 5 meters wide next to the goals, goals of 3 by 1.
  • In the middle put 2 large pawns so you have a clear center line.
  • Party game with offside. 
Because field is not super long, you are going to create many moments when players can run offside.
Ask the players why it was offside and how they could have prevented it.
1 v 1 individual defending O16 1 - 4 players 1/4 pitch Game description
The attacker tries to reach a score by dribbling through a gate of pawns.
The defender tries to prevent a score. Because there are multiple goals, this becomes a challenge for him.
The goal of the defender is to send the attacker to the side and to conquer the ball or play the ball outside.

The rules of the game

  1. The attacker starts the game by dribbling into the game.
  2. Once the attacker is through the gate, the defender may start preventing a score.
  3. Point count: a score through the side gates earns 1 point and a score straight through earns 3 points,
  4. If one game lasts longer than 2 minutes, a defender and attacker are added until a goal is scored. Only 1 ball remains in the field. If after 2 minutes - 4 minutes in total - no goal has been scored, another attacker and defender join in and so on until a goal is scored or the ball goes outside or is conquered by the defender.
  5. Variation: limit the number of ball contacts for the attacker, increase or decrease the size of the field, increase or decrease the size of the goals. 
The preparation
Organization-wise you can lay out the field according to the following dimensions. If you want to make it more difficult for the player with the ball, make the field narrower and shorter. 
The measurements Length: 15 meters Width: 15 meters, pawns should be 1.5 meters apart.



Game description:
The player with ball starts at the back and passes the pawns and passes the ball to the player waiting on the right.
When the player waiting on the right gets the ball, the player on the right in line plays the ball to the incoming player on the left in line.
This player then tries to shoot the ball into the goal behind the goalkeeper.

In this way, there will be repeated passes.
The player who has passed the pawns joins the player who has given the depth pass.
The player who made the deep pass goes to the place to finish. The player who finished correctly goes to get the ball and joins the players at the back who must pass the pawn.

First left, then right, or both sides at once if enough players.
Encourage left to use left foot, right to use right foot.

1. Player A turns open to outside behind opponent out.
2. Player A passes forward to player B between cones.
3. Player A runs diagonally to cone in front of goal.
4. At the same time, player B caps/turns out of the cones toward the goal line.
5. Player B passes diagonally behind to player A who meanwhile is standing at the cone.
6. Player A shoots at goal.
7. Player A becomes Player B, Player B joins the starting position.
Distances pawns 10 L by 6 B Goals countdowns watch by age.
Hats not needed because 1 on 1.

  • Red dribbles into the box and plays the ball to blue.
  • Blue tries to score on Red's goal, red takes the ball away and scores on blue's goal.
  • On scoring or ball over the line out of box and join at the back on the other side where you were standing.
Coach moments:
Defence: make sure you stay between man and goal. be patient, bend your knees slightly, stand on your front feet.
Attack: keep speed in your game as soon as you are stationary, you are easy to defend, by body movements unbalance your opponent. 
Tap the ball next to your opponent and then also accelerate. Then try to have your body between opponent and ball.

Form of play with attack vs defense according to the formation in double check 8v8
.Attack tries to score in big goal, defense tries to take away ball and play back to starting point.
Size of choice here 30 x 30 m

  1. Ball always leaves at 10, who dribbles in; K, 3 and 9 are already in their positions.
  2. From departure 10, 7 and 11 connect; 10 then plays 7, 9 or 11.
  3. As soon as the first pass arrives, 2 and 5 join in defense.
Attack ends at goal, ball over back line or when defense gets ball at starting point.
Then pass or switch depending on the number of players available.

Different variations possible, for example:

  • Max 2 ball touches per attacker per attack.
  • Max 5 passes to mandatory goal attempt.
  • Max 3 passes to mandatory goal attempt.
  • At least 2 triangles per attack.
  • At least 2 double passes per attack.


Practice on positional play, passing and finishing L + RStipple line
are the running moves, full lines are the pass lines.
Cones are defenders.
Player b finishes, if cross is too low or too soft, player c can finish.
Timing, clean passing and position are essential.

a to b, b to c, c to d, d takes ball from b and joins on the other side.

Right side starts when cross is given to left, and vice versa.

  1. A frees himself from behind jar and passes to B.
  2. B runs with ball through both gates towards goal line, meanwhile A runs through gate right to center, just before penalty area.
  3. B passes to A through gate.
  4. A finishes.
B retrieves ball and joins at red side; A becomes red B - and vice versa. 
Alternating Blue and Red side; Red starts when slant pass Blue is given.


  • Both teams are going to try to score on the goal where the goalkeeper is standing.
  • For this, the right of attack must first be obtained by engaging in handball with the coach who stands on the other side of the field.
  • So there is continuous switching between attacking and defending.
  • The players will therefore have to be alert to their teammates and the actions taking place and coach each other here.
  • If there is a back ball or the goalkeeper has the ball, the goalkeeper plays in to the side that had to stand last defensively.
  • In case of a goal, the game is played on immediately by the coach who then plays in the side, which got the counter-goal.
    • Size of field depends on number of players: Minimum width 25m, minimum length 40m. Preferably this game is played in an under/over situation.


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