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Soccer drills for

A game of 4 against 4 in which you have to play at high speed.
You may be short a player, add a chameleon or make it 3 against 3. The loser does 10 push ups.

Points of attention:
  • Make sure they play at a high tempo
  • Explain the best way for them to run free. Put the game on hold for a while.
  • Make sure they put high pressure
drawing Party game 4 against 4
Lines run:
  • Start on the back line.
  • Sprint to hat 5 meter line.
  • Back to back line, then to hat 16 meter line, back to back line again.
  • Then to hat head circle and back to back line, then to center line and full sprint to back line.
  • Take a breath and then do everything the other way around again.
drawing Warming up
  • This 1 vs. 1 exercise begins when the players have run around half the field.
  • They must first go around the hat in the corner and then pass behind the goalie to start the 1 v 1.
  • The attackers - red - pick up a ball when they have passed behind the goalkeeper and go on the attack.
Points of attention
- Pay attention to the attitude of the defenders.
- Make sure the attackers have pace.
- Don't make it too complicated. So one action on pace and score.

- Score over center line.
- If the player has been then switch sides.
drawing condition 1 against 1
  • S1 plays ball to S2.
  • S2 spins out and does a one-two with S3 while looking back at S1.
  • S3 does speed ladder to place S3.
  • S1 runs through to S2, S2 to S3.
drawing Passing - first key and dribbling
  • At trainer's signal, both players start sprinting.
  • Blue must run around first pawn and Red runs straight through to tap Blue.
  • Red becomes Blue and flips over.
drawing Chase 1
  • From hat 1 to 2 jogging.
  • From hat 2 to 3 exercises below:
    • Tripping forward.
    • Tripping sideways.
    • Knee lifts forward.
    • Knee lifts sideways.
    • Heels buttocks forward.
    • Heels buttocks sideways.
    • Connecting stride.
    • Cross stride.
    • Hopping.
    • Forward slant 3x left 3x right, back away backwards.
    • Lunges.
    • Frog jumps.
    • Sprints 5x back and forth.
  • Jogging from hat 4 to 4.
  • And back.
drawing Warm-up
2 Teams compete to see who gets between the hats across the field first.

  • 2 teams line up on the side of the field.
  • Player 1 stands at one and a half meters with legs apart and facing the queue.
  • Player 2 stands in the same position one and a half meters behind player 1.

  1. Player 3 starts the exercise by slaloming dribbling between the players.
    When he has passed the last player, he passes the ball through the spread legs of the other players toward the first in the queue and stands in the same position one and a half meters behind the last player.
  2. When there are no more players in the queue, player 1 starts the slalom and completes it as previously described.
    In this way, the team moves forward toward the finish line. Whoever gets there first has won.
  3. By varying the dribble, for example tip-top dribble or reverse dribble, you can make the exercise easier or more difficult.
drawing Live slalom.
  • Large square on the field.
  • Dribble through each other with ball.
  • At the sign of the trainer: turn around, jump, pass and so on.
Check distances with the number of players.

  • Have players dribble into the box.
  • Trainer says 1: put players ball on foot. 
  • At 2: knee on foot.
  • At 3: sit on ball.
  • This one minute and then outside dribble through the goals in succession for about 2 minutes.
Game version 1: start in the box with dribbling at the sign of yes as fast as possible through a goal and dribble back into the box and finish with 1,2,3.

Game version 2: who will go through as many goals as possible within 1 minute.
drawing Goal game
Warm-up in which the basic actions are applied.

  • Goalkeeper plays to asking 3 who sags.
  • 3 rebounds to the goalkeeper.
  • Goalkeeper controls far foot and then to asking 10.
  • 10 controls far foot and rebounds to 3.
  • 3 plays to asking 9 who drops out.
  • 9 control far foot and turn out.
  • 9 slaloms through cones back to starting position.
Goalkeeper takes the place of 3, 3 of 10, 10 of 9.
Exercise can be applied to both sides.


  • Ball takeover with left, pass with right - or vice versa.
  • Other technical or warm-up exercise along the cones instead of dribbling.
drawing From front to back and back again
Two front rows of 8 players each with a ball. 
Dribble until potty ball left and warm-up exercise. 
Next potty ball taken from teammate and dribble exercise.
* Variation: line runs with and without ball 
* Lifting exercises.

  • Keeping equal distances; taking care of execution.
  • Physical parameter : 20 min
A variation of the standard party game is played. Behind each goal there are 4 to 5 hats.
As soon as team a scores, the player who scores takes a hat from behind the goal in which the goal was scored and runs as fast as possible around the field to his own goal and puts the hat down here. Only after this may the player rejoin the game. There is thus a natural underclass / overtal moment.

Players who "cut off" must turn around and put the won hat back and then out of the field to get back to their own goal.

drawing Pawn robbing - improve underclass / overtal