Soccer drills for


  • Large square on the field.
  • Dribble through each other with ball.
  • At the sign of the trainer: turn around, jump, pass and so on.
Check distances with the number of players.

  • Have players dribble into the box.
  • Trainer says 1: put players ball on foot. 
  • At 2: knee on foot.
  • At 3: sit on ball.
  • This one minute and then outside dribble through the goals in succession for about 2 minutes.
Game version 1: start in the box with dribbling at the sign of yes as fast as possible through a goal and dribble back into the box and finish with 1,2,3.

Game version 2: who will go through as many goals as possible within 1 minute.


Warm-up in which the basic actions are applied.

  • Goalkeeper plays to asking 3 who sags.
  • 3 rebounds to the goalkeeper.
  • Goalkeeper controls far foot and then to asking 10.
  • 10 controls far foot and rebounds to 3.
  • 3 plays to asking 9 who drops out.
  • 9 control far foot and turn out.
  • 9 slaloms through cones back to starting position.
Goalkeeper takes the place of 3, 3 of 10, 10 of 9.
Exercise can be applied to both sides.


  • Ball takeover with left, pass with right - or vice versa.
  • Other technical or warm-up exercise along the cones instead of dribbling.
Two front rows of 8 players each with a ball. 
Dribble until potty ball left and warm-up exercise. 
Next potty ball taken from teammate and dribble exercise.
* Variation: line runs with and without ball 
* Lifting exercises.

  • Keeping equal distances; taking care of execution.
  • Physical parameter : 20 min
A variation of the standard party game is played. Behind each goal there are 4 to 5 hats.
As soon as team a scores, the player who scores takes a hat from behind the goal in which the goal was scored and runs as fast as possible around the field to his own goal and puts the hat down here. Only after this may the player rejoin the game. There is thus a natural underclass / overtal moment.

Players who "cut off" must turn around and put the won hat back and then out of the field to get back to their own goal.

  • Players on 1 side of goal next to post.
  • 1 handball at the height of the penalty spot.
  • Player must pass tightly around the handball and sprint to finish.

    Option: big goal or small goal.


  • Player 1 passes the ball to player 2
  • Player 2 dribbles around pawns, passes to player 3 at the end
  • Player 3 passes ball to player 2, player 2 finishes the game
  • Player 3 gets ball, goes on spot
  • Player 1 stand
  • Player 1 to player 2
  • Player 2 to player 3
  • You have two teams. Team with vests and team without vests
  • The intention is to play a position game
  • Ask for the ball
  • Keep moving (also without the ball)
  • Insight into teammates
Extra additions:
  • After 5x passes you can score
  • After 5x passes you have a point
  • Touch the ball 2x or 3x at most


  • The group divides into 2
  • Each group does a warm-up exercise to the game on their right and then walks to the next potty
  • After 6 min - increase the pace of the walk to the 2nd game (3 min)
  • Increase pace even more (3min)
  • Maximal sprint (2min)


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