Soccer drills for condition

  • Warming up with the ball 10 minutes
    • 1 Passing 
    • 2 Bouncing
    • 2 Passing 
    • 1 Dribble 
    • 1 Passing
    • 2 Boucing
    • 2 Crossing
    • Dribble
  • Perform the exercise so often that no one has to sit still.
  • Coaching the above mentioned techniques. 
  • Motivate the players to complete the exercise within the given time. 
  • Every training session 5 seconds faster. 
  • A variation or addition is to have players run and pass the ball in diagonal lines. 
  • Very nice warm up 10 minutes
    • Player 1 passes the ball to player 2 
    • Player 2 passes the ball to player 3
    • Player 1 runs behind player 2
    • Player 3 passes the ball to player 1
    • Player 1 passes the ball to player 4 and runs on to the pawn near player 6
    • Player 2 runs diagonally left along player 3
    • Player 4 passes the ball to player 2 
    • Player 2 passes the ball to player 5 and then runs on to the pawn near player 5
  • When it goes well the speed has to go up.
  • When it doesn't go well, the speed has to go down and they always have to receive the ball first. 
  • When it still goes well, make the field smaller.
  • The way back is the same
    • Player 5 passes the ball to player 6
    • Player 6 passes the ball to player 4
    • Player 5 runs behind player 6
    • Player 4 passes the ball to player 5
    • Player 6 passes the ball to player 3 and runs on to the pawn near player 2
    • Player 6 runs diagonally left along player 4
    • Player 3 passes the ball to player 6 
    • Player 6 passes the ball to player 1 and then runs on to the pawn near player 1
  • Player stands behind a set of steps.
    • Two feet per "step" in the staircase.
  • Watch your posture: 
    • Walk straight.
    • Knees slightly bent.
    • Short movements.
    • Arms should be active along the body.
  • Variation
    • Side-Step with two feet per step;
    • Zigzagging with one foot in, then two feet on the step, then one foot back in. (different from the first)
    • After kicking off, start sprinting and rebound at the pylon on the ball played in.
  • Then go back in line.
  • We play 3 against 3, to the same goal. 
  • If one team loses the ball, the other team takes over the attack. 
  • The other team must always move back behind a cone.
  • So that the defending team can set up. (must go quickly, practise switching).
  • Duration: 
    • After each exercise a series of 1x. 
  • Distance: 
    • 10mtr between each pylon.
  • Explanation: 
    • Sprint to the pylon. 
    • After every pylon, move 1 pylon further.
  • Coach moment: 
    • Make sure your arms are bent forward.
    • Make sure they move along the body while running but arms remain bent.  


  • Make groups of 2 for this passing warm-up, with 1 ball per group of 2.
  • The players with ball line up, on the sideline. The other players stand opposite to eachother, about 6 meters from the player with ball.



  • Player A dribbles forward, while player B jogs backwards across the field.
  • As the players jog across the field, player A passes the ball to B, who passes back to A, just until they reach the opposite sideline.
  • The roles reverse when the players reach the other side of the field. Player A then runs backwards to the line where they started.


Variation possibilities:

  • alternate from right foot to left foot.
  • try to apply one hit
  • focus on quality over speed, it's not a race.
  • The team stands ready in 2 groups behind a pawn. 
  • They are given an exercise by the trainer and do it 1x.  On the way back they run back and close behind. 
  • 2 players run at the same time. The next one leaves when the pair has passed the first hat. 
  • Exercises:

    1. Jogging 

    2. Knee-up

    3. Heel-to-belly

    4. Sideways left 

    5. Sideways right 

    6. Arms swing front

    7. Arms swing back

    8. Jump over caps with 2 feet at the same time

    9. Sprint to cap and back 

    10. Shoulder thrust and sprint

  • The group divides into 2.
  • Each group does a warm up exercise to the potty on their right and then walks to the next potty.
  • After 5 min
    • Rest for 1 minute
    • Then increase the pace of the walk (3 min)
    • Increase pace even more (3min)
    • Maximum sprint (2min)
Running training

  • 30 sec jumping jacks
  • 30 sec knee lifts
  • 30 sec heels against buttocks
  • 30 sec bridge with 1 foot on ball
  • 30 sec jump-lunge with ball between legs 30 sec skating jumps
  • 30 sec Russian-twist (feet off the floor)


  • Build up from 25

Plank workout (3 minutes)

  1. 30 seconds normal plank
  2. 30 seconds of alternating left and right leg lifts
  3. 30 seconds of side plank on right side, other arm extended
  4. 30 seconds side plank on left side, other arm extended
  5. 30 seconds of normal plank 30 seconds of spiderman plank

Bicycle Crunch

  • 2 x 1 minute (rest 20 seconds)


  • 3 x 8 pylo-clap push-ups
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