Soccer drills for dribbling

Divide the group in pairs and put each pair at a cone/hat, which you have divided on the centre circle:

  • Leave the ball, which is at every cone, on the ground and let the whole group run around the circle;
  • Make sure every pair is standing at a cone with the ball;
  • Player 1 dribbles the ball to the centre spot and puts it down there;
  • On the way back (without ball), Player 1 performs exercises (e.g. knee lifts);
  • At the moment Player 1 returns, Player 2 starts the same exercises (e.g. knee lifts) and then retrieves the ball;
  • Repeat and be creative with the exercises.
5 x a dribble exercise as basis

  1. Touch the ball with your right foot every step of the way and slalom around pots that are close together
  2. Zigzag exercise, slalom around pots with a sharp cutting movement
  3. Around 2 pots and on return stop the ball with a sharp cutting movement.
  4. Float in a "lane" of pots with the right kicking movement and then take a few steps and hit the ball again, etc.
  5. Same as 4) but then every step touching the ball in high tempo
See video
  • Place pawns as on picture
  • Player 1 plays player 2
  • Player 2 rebounds long ball to player 3
  • Player 3 takes on dribble between cones
  • Makes a passing move and sprints to the backline
  • Player 3 passes ball on the ground to edge of 16
  • Player sprints back around the pawn and walks to the edge of 16 to take the ball or finish it off directly.
  • Warming up with the ball 10 minutes
    • 1 Passing 
    • 2 Bouncing
    • 2 Passing 
    • 1 Dribble 
    • 1 Passing
    • 2 Boucing
    • 2 Crossing
    • Dribble
  • Perform the exercise so often that no one has to sit still.
  • Coaching the above mentioned techniques. 
  • Motivate the players to complete the exercise within the given time. 
  • Every training session 5 seconds faster. 
  • A variation or addition is to have players run and pass the ball in diagonal lines. 
  • Player 1 rebounds on player 2.
  • Player 2 sprints around the pawn and then runs towards the goal to receive the cross.
  • Player 1 drives towards the pawn and rebounds to player 3.
  • Player 3 runs to the back line after the handball with player 1 passing deep.
  • Player 3 crosses and player 1 finishes.
    • Dribble and tap the ball every 1 or 2 steps.
    • Control the ball.
    • The deep pass must be powerful.
    • Player 1 must keep good contact for the cross and sprint in time for the goal.

  • Bb4 against bbt 3 exercise 10 minutes.
  • The aim is for the bb side to dribble the ball over the line or pass it several times. (For example, start at 5 and go higher and higher).
  • To make it more difficult they may only touch the ball 2/3 times. 
  • Bbt side must try to dribble the ball over the opponent's line. 
  • Or pass 5 times. 
  • Always play with 1 overtime. 
  • Adjust the size of the field if it is difficult to play over. 


  • Make groups of 2 for this passing warm-up, with 1 ball per group of 2.
  • The players with ball line up, on the sideline. The other players stand opposite to eachother, about 6 meters from the player with ball.



  • Player A dribbles forward, while player B jogs backwards across the field.
  • As the players jog across the field, player A passes the ball to B, who passes back to A, just until they reach the opposite sideline.
  • The roles reverse when the players reach the other side of the field. Player A then runs backwards to the line where they started.


Variation possibilities:

  • alternate from right foot to left foot.
  • try to apply one hit
  • focus on quality over speed, it's not a race.
  • The players form 3 groups
  • 2 players stand by 1 pilon and the other opposite.
  • The first of the two players receives the balls and plays the player across from her right in the feet. Then this one sprints to the player and stands by the pilon. 
  • The other takes the ball and plays the ball to the one opposite.  
  • This repeats itself.
  • Because they work in 3 pairs, they are nice and active. 
  • Variation:
  • There is dribbling with the ball at the foot.
  • Place cones as shown.
  • Player 1 gives a long pass.
  • Player 2 takes the pass, dribbles around cones and shoots the ball over a small goal into the back of the goal.
  • Variant :
    • Player 2 dribbles around pawns and then rebounds with player 1 to shoot over goal.
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