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Soccer drills for technique dribbling

  • Put pawns as on picture
  • Each pawn a player
drawing Triangle fitting exercise
  • See image
drawing Dribble circuit with pass
  • Blue runs to the pot and cuts off.
  • Blue passes the ball to red.
  • Red tries to score.
  • inside/outside ball cut off.
drawing Felling & scoring
  • Player 1 passes the ball to Player 2.
  • Player 2 passes to Player 3.
  • Player 3 is going to attack with Player 1.
  • Player 2 goes to defend on Player 1 and 3.
  • Goalkeeper 1 tries to catch the ball.
drawing 2 versus 1 attack interplay
  • S2 is central and asks ball to S1.
  • S1 plays ball in.
  • S2 spins out and does double pass to S3 who asks for ball with pre-action.
  • S3 takes ball and does slalom with turn on each side and passes with ball to back pot.
drawing Passing - first key and dribbling
  • Player A begins by accepting ball on chest thrown in by player B.
  • With ball move from A to B to C to D.
  • Scoring.
drawing Dribble circuit with pass
Exercise A:
ball overpass through gate right - and left legged. Emphasis on stance leg slightly dropping through knee and kicking ball in the middle. Keep body straight, do not hunch.

Exercise B:
instep kick.

Exercise C:
dribble around the pawn, first inside foot right and left, then try outside foot.
Speed is not necessary, rather hit the ball every step.

- Players A and B change after 3 min, after 6 min A & B change to C.
drawing Technique exercise
  • Player with ball slaloms around the pawns with a cap move
  • Player plays the ball into the feet of the sagging striker at the end of the cones
  • Striker takes the ball on the turn
  • Striker shoots at goal

  • The player who slaloms becomes the new striker
  • The striker who shot retrieves the ball and joins the line to slalom
  • The next player can start when the player in front of him/her is at the 4th pawn; halfway through the slalom
- 2 players stand at the pawn in the front to follow each other faster
- The pawn in the vanguard stands approximately on the 16 meter line
drawing Dribbling and cowering
1. Ladder 3 variants:
  • Each step 1 step.
  • Two feet in.
  • Foot in, foot out.
2. Pull sprint to pawn.

3. Slalom around pawn with ball:
  • 1x good foot.
  • 1x alternate.
  • 1x ball rolling under foot left and right.
4. One-two with trainer.

5. Dribble through and pass with scissors.

6. Then round off.
drawing Circuit
  • Player A passes to B
  • B takes ball with furthest foot
  • Dribbles through gate and finishes
  • A runs through the gate on the other side
  • A and B do a 1 versus 1 match
drawing 1 vs. 1
  • Keeping ball on foot.
  • Player plays in on inside of pawn, accepts with one touch and allows her/him to turn around pawn.
  • Plays across, again inside etc.
  • Last player in the 16 meters takes over and dribbles the ball through the exercise. Be aware of surroundings, hold back/push through.
drawing Spatial acceptance and passing
Dribbling exercises:
  • Dribbling around the pawns, close together with 1 foot inside-outside foot
  • Dribbling around the pawns, close together with 2 feet,
    • going left, right foot inside foot, left foot outside side, etc.
    • then to the right, left foot inside side, right foot inside side
  • 4 pawns in diamond, start and go as in picture tightly past the pawns and same route back.
  • Make a quadrant with 4 pawns, dribble tightly around them, left and right turns
  • 8 pawns in four squares, two opposite each other.
    • Dribble between the pawns from 1 to 2 and back, 1 to 3 and back 1 to 4 and back.
    • On reversals cut off or behind stand leg as quickly as possible.
drawing Dribbling exercises