Soccer drills for passing

  • The exercise was mainly done to learn to move on after a pass.
  • So pass and walk on.
  • This in combination with crosses and finishing makes it a nice exercise for the boys (7-8 years) and useful as a match situation (also without resistance).
    • 1 player red passes to blue player and runs towards the corner.
    • 2 Player blue rebounds in the depth towards the corner.
    • 3 Player red passes to incoming player blue.
    • Player blue finishes off the ball.

Points of attention

  • Good pass in.
  • Get in the ball before the handover.
  • Handover in the deep.
  • Do not run in too early when finishing.
  • 4 players on position as on picture.
  • Notice:
    • With player 2 2 players in line.
  • Player 1 plays player 2.
  • Player 2 turns and passes to wing player 3 right in front.
  • Player 3 near the 16 meter width pass on the left for player 4.
  • Player 4 passes the ball wide and player 1 finishes.
  • Player 1 to player 2, player 2 to player 3.
  • Player 3 to player 4, player 4 takes the ball and goes to the front of the line.
  • Ball control exercise with opponent in the back (15 min.)
  • Pairs of four.
  • Players A and B in the middle, other two at the sides.
  • Players A and B take turns passing to each other, each 10 times in different variations.
  • When player A and B have both been 10 times, they exchange with C and D.
  • Variant 1:
    • Low ball.
    • Take and hold for 5 sec.
    • Hold.
  • Variation 2:
    • High ball.
    • Take and hold for 5 sec.
    • Hold.
  • Variation 3:
    • Low ball.
    • Takeaway.
    • Turn left or right.
  • Variant 4:
    • High ball.
    • Takedown.
    • Turn left or right.
  • Player ''WHITE'' Sinks in to retrieve the ball from the goalkeeper.
  • Goalkeeper passes ball to ''WHITE''.
  • Player ''WHITE'' Dribbles towards player ''BLUE''.
  • At his starting point, he passes to Player ''BLUE'', ''WHITE'' runs on.
  • Player ''BLUE'' rebounds the ball to ''WHITE''.
  • Player ''WHITE'' passes to player ''RED''.
  • Player ''RED'' dribbles towards the 16.
  • Around the middle of the field, RED passes to BLUE2.
  • Player "BLUE2" rebounds the ball to "RED".
  • Player ''RED'' shoots the ball on goal.
  • The ball goes through the goal.
  • WHITE takes the position of BLUE.
  • BLUE takes position of RED.
  • RED takes position from BLUE2.
  • BLUE2 takes position of goalkeeper. (not necessary if you have a goalie).
  • Minimum 5 persons, to get and keep speed at least 7.
  • Each player receives a number beforehand.
  • Players move randomly within the indicated space.
  • After receiving the ball, it is passed to the next player.
  • How many balls can be passed at once?
  • Within the defined field, play is 4x4.
  • At each edge a neutral player stands.
  • This player is not allowed to enter the field, but has to move (offer).
  • Switching is easy when every team has its own colour.
  • Handball.
  • Long ball.
  • Shooting outside the 16.
  • Short pass man on the right, getting inside the ball.
  • Short handball, moving around the declarer.
  • Tight short pass to striker.
  • Handball to right player.
  • Tight ball between the lines in the deep to the outfield player.
  • Run on time!
  • Do not be offside.
  • Tight pass to the centre.
  • Finish!
  • No touch is an extra point.
  • Pass-roulette in diamond shape.
    • 1 passes to 2.
    • 2 passes to 1.
    • 1 passes to 3.
    • 3 passes to 4.
    • 4 joins the line.
  • Some points of attention:
    • Must roll ball off to begin the drill.
    • Must pass ball short (not a one meter pass).
    • Must control ball and then pass.
    • Must stand with back to sideline and take ball with furthest foot.