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Soccer drills for technique passing

  • See image
drawing Dribble circuit with pass
  • See picture
  • Pay attention when assuming the right pylon
  • Take right pass left pass together with print
  • Other side parallel execution at the same time
drawing Short pass drill with printout
  • Put pawns as given.
  • Minimum of 7 players.
  • 1x turn out, 1x rebound and 2x long pass.
  • Ensure good pass with attack.
  • Turn after the pass.
drawing Long pass drill
  • Player 1 and player 3 pass a long ball across the goal.
  • Player 2 and player 4 take the ball and must attack.
  • Player 1 and player 3 must defend.
  • Is the 1 versus 1 played then players 2 and 4 move on and players 1 and 3 join the back of the line.
drawing Long ball 1 versus 1
- Divide group into pairs.
- When playing ball take it in the air. Play high ball directly or head ball back between e.g. the back line and 16 meters.

  • Player 1 with ball runs backwards and player 2 without ball forwards.
  • Player 1 throws the ball in the air to player 2. He takes it and plays it back while running forward at a constant speed.
  • Alternating left and right leg
  • Taking the ball well to the side when attacking.
  • Play the ball back directly out of the air with the inside foot into the hands of the person running backwards.
  • Ball through the air and back to the person running backwards.
  • Red passes to blue.
  • Blue passes a deep pass to white.
  • White works off the goal.
drawing Passing & shooting
  • Blue plays the ball to blue and runs to red
  • Red plays the ball to red and runs to blue
drawing Warming up
- Exercise revolves primarily around player D.
- Open-ended approach essential.

  • Starts at A.
  • A plays to B.
  • B rebounds in the run back to A.
  • D makes forward action and gets into the ball between the 2 hats.
  • A plays in on D's left foot.
  • D accepts with one ball contact and turns up between the two hats.
  • D plays in on C.
  • C drops on B.
  • B pokes into the run of the passed D.
  • D finishes in small goal and closes in behind again.
Alphabetical turn through.
drawing Handball/ pass open turn
  • Player A begins by accepting ball on chest thrown in by player B.
  • With ball move from A to B to C to D.
  • Scoring.
drawing Dribble circuit with pass
Exercise A:
ball overpass through gate right - and left legged. Emphasis on stance leg slightly dropping through knee and kicking ball in the middle. Keep body straight, do not hunch.

Exercise B:
instep kick.

Exercise C:
dribble around the pawn, first inside foot right and left, then try outside foot.
Speed is not necessary, rather hit the ball every step.

- Players A and B change after 3 min, after 6 min A & B change to C.
drawing Technique exercise
1. Ladder 3 variants:
  • Each step 1 step.
  • Two feet in.
  • Foot in, foot out.
2. Pull sprint to pawn.

3. Slalom around pawn with ball:
  • 1x good foot.
  • 1x alternate.
  • 1x ball rolling under foot left and right.
4. One-two with trainer.

5. Dribble through and pass with scissors.

6. Then round off.
drawing Circuit
  • Player 1 passes a long ball across the goal.
  • Player 2 takes the ball and must attack.
  • Player 1 must defend.
  • Is the 1 vs 1 played then player 1 moves on and player 2 joins the line.
drawing long ball 1 versus 1