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Soccer drills for technique shoot

  • Player 1 rebounds to Player 2.
  • Player 1 passes deep high pass to Player 3.
  • Player 2 offers to edge 16.
  • Player 3 passes across the ground to Player 2.
  • Player 2 lays wide on edge 16, Player 3 rounds.
  • Player 1 to Player 2, who then plays to Player 3.
  • Player 3 joins row other side.
Set out two sides and execute alternately.
drawing Rounding with depth pass and rebound 2 sides
  • Player A makes a run to the pawn
  • Player B plays the ball in and runs on to the next pawn
  • Player C makes a run into the deep
  • Player B passes the ball deep into the corner
  • Player C, now on the back line, passes the ball in front of him
  • Player A runs to the first post and player D runs to the second post and tries to finish.
The situation can be plotted at either end.
drawing Finishing via cross
- Divide group into pairs.
- When playing ball take it in the air. Play high ball directly or head ball back between e.g. the back line and 16 meters.

  • Player 1 with ball runs backwards and player 2 without ball forwards.
  • Player 1 throws the ball in the air to player 2. He takes it and plays it back while running forward at a constant speed.
  • Alternating left and right leg
  • Taking the ball well to the side when attacking.
  • Play the ball back directly out of the air with the inside foot into the hands of the person running backwards.
  • Ball through the air and back to the person running backwards.
  • Red passes to blue.
  • Blue passes a deep pass to white.
  • White works off the goal.
drawing Passing & shooting
  • Blue runs to the pot and cuts off.
  • Blue passes the ball to red.
  • Red tries to score.
  • inside/outside ball cut off.
drawing Felling & scoring
Exercise A:
ball overpass through gate right - and left legged. Emphasis on stance leg slightly dropping through knee and kicking ball in the middle. Keep body straight, do not hunch.

Exercise B:
instep kick.

Exercise C:
dribble around the pawn, first inside foot right and left, then try outside foot.
Speed is not necessary, rather hit the ball every step.

- Players A and B change after 3 min, after 6 min A & B change to C.
drawing Technique exercise
  • Player with ball slaloms around the pawns with a cap move
  • Player plays the ball into the feet of the sagging striker at the end of the cones
  • Striker takes the ball on the turn
  • Striker shoots at goal

  • The player who slaloms becomes the new striker
  • The striker who shot retrieves the ball and joins the line to slalom
  • The next player can start when the player in front of him/her is at the 4th pawn; halfway through the slalom
- 2 players stand at the pawn in the front to follow each other faster
- The pawn in the vanguard stands approximately on the 16 meter line
drawing Dribbling and cowering
1. Ladder 3 variants:
  • Each step 1 step.
  • Two feet in.
  • Foot in, foot out.
2. Pull sprint to pawn.

3. Slalom around pawn with ball:
  • 1x good foot.
  • 1x alternate.
  • 1x ball rolling under foot left and right.
4. One-two with trainer.

5. Dribble through and pass with scissors.

6. Then round off.
drawing Circuit
  • Players on 1 side of goal next to post.
  • 1 handball player-the trainer-at the height of 16 meters.
  • Player must pass in tightly around handball player sprint maximum and finish.
  • Let the player get the ball himself.
drawing Finishing on goal sprint
Keeper is in the goal standing just outside the 16. This is to add some surprise. He does know if the ball is coming over the left or right. But either striker can be the one finishing.

  • We start at the number 10 position A.
  • The attack is "dead" there, so we get the ball out and play back to our 6 B.
  • Our 6 now looks for the half player at C or D.
  • If C, takes on with the right and turns open and, possibly through the number 10, looks for the other side.
  • If D, takes on with the left and turns open and searches, possibly via the number 10, the other side.
  • The half player then plays into the box near the strikers waiting at the corners of 5 meter area.
  • One of the players works off and joins A, the other striker remains standing.
Passing is done alphabetically. Positions D and C are double for turnovers.

drawing Ball out and lace change
  • Player A passes to B
  • B takes ball with furthest foot
  • Dribbles through gate and finishes
  • A runs through the gate on the other side
  • A and B do a 1 versus 1 match
drawing 1 vs. 1
  • Player 2 says which side he wants the ball on
  • Player 1 plays the ball on that side
  • Player 2 makes an action at the pawns
  • Player 2 rounds off
drawing Round up