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Soccer drills

  • Player 1 rebounds to Player 2.
  • Player 1 passes deep high pass to Player 3.
  • Player 2 offers to edge 16.
  • Player 3 passes across the ground to Player 2.
  • Player 2 lays wide on edge 16, Player 3 rounds.
  • Player 1 to Player 2, who then plays to Player 3.
  • Player 3 joins row other side.
Set out two sides and execute alternately.
drawing Rounding with depth pass and rebound 2 sides
  • See image
drawing Dribble circuit with pass
  • See picture
  • Pay attention when assuming the right pylon
  • Take right pass left pass together with print
  • Other side parallel execution at the same time
drawing Short pass drill with printout
  • Put pawns as given.
  • Minimum of 7 players.
  • 1x turn out, 1x rebound and 2x long pass.
  • Ensure good pass with attack.
  • Turn after the pass.
drawing Long pass drill
  • Player A makes a run to the pawn
  • Player B plays the ball in and runs on to the next pawn
  • Player C makes a run into the deep
  • Player B passes the ball deep into the corner
  • Player C, now on the back line, passes the ball in front of him
  • Player A runs to the first post and player D runs to the second post and tries to finish.
The situation can be plotted at either end.
drawing Finishing via cross
  • Player A begins by accepting ball on chest thrown in by player B.
  • With ball move from A to B to C to D.
  • Scoring.
drawing Dribble circuit with pass
1. Ladder 3 variants:
  • Each step 1 step.
  • Two feet in.
  • Foot in, foot out.
2. Pull sprint to pawn.

3. Slalom around pawn with ball:
  • 1x good foot.
  • 1x alternate.
  • 1x ball rolling under foot left and right.
4. One-two with trainer.

5. Dribble through and pass with scissors.

6. Then round off.
drawing Circuit
  • Put 4 hoops around each goalkeeper; 1 in front, 1 on the left, 1 on the right, 1 behind
  • Trainer stands in front of the goalkeepers
  • Goalkeepers dribble on the spot
  • When trainer says; front/ back/ left/ right goalkeepers step with both feet in this direction and then step back into starting position
drawing Warm-up goalie: foot movement
  • K1 gets ball from trainer
  • K2 puts pressure on K1
  • K1 plays ball into 1 of 2 small goals
drawing executing under pressure
  • Player 1 passes the ball to player 2.
  • Player 1 runs through and player 2 lays the ball wide.
  • Player 1 passes the ball to player 3.
  • Player 2 meanwhile has run on to the goal.
  • Player 3 passes a cross to player 2 and and then player 2 finishes.
drawing attack
Improve playing out of a stall situation to the opponent's goal with the goal of making the right choices in attacking play and scoring goals.


  • Field of 32 meters long, double sixteen-meter area, and 25 meters wide.
  • 1 large goal
  • 2 small goals
  • 15 field players + 1 goalkeeper
  • Sufficient pylons to mark out the field
  • 10 balls distributed between the two goals
  • 2 trainers per organization
  • The line of the sixteenmeter area is the offside line

  • Team (A) playing from the small goals starts with dribble
  • 1 player (A) dribbles with the ball towards the opponent's goalkeeper (B) and must finish in front of the sixteen meter line (1 against 0 we call this)
  • As soon as the ball is out of play, goes into the goal or into the hands of the goalkeeper, as soon as possible 2 players of this team (B) with 1 ball enter the field to play 2:1.
  • Again, if the ball is out of play, enters the goal or is in the hands of the goalkeeper then 2 new players from the other team (A) enter the field to play 3:2.
  • This continues until the situation where 8:7 is played by team A
  • after this 8:7 situation the last player of team B enters the field and 8:8 is played until a goal is scored
  • After this the whole form starts again, only now it is team B that starts
  • The total number of goals is counted to determine the winning team


  • It is all about making the right choices to score goals. These choices are different in every situation and so each overtime requires specific coaching
  • 1:0 - a free shot from the '16 should always be between the posts
  • 2:1 - patience on the ball, being playable by the teammate and thus getting free in front of the goalie
  • 3:2 - patience on the ball, fielding-> big and wide. 1:1 means 2:1 at the other end. Running action without ball to force opponent to make choices
  • 4:3 - patience on the ball, fielding-> big and wide. High ball tempo, play moves and multiple runs without ball. Create 2:1 or play out 1:1 to create a chance
drawing pyramid party game
Per 2 passes to each other:

  • Short distance
  • Long distance
drawing Fit per 2